Makeup Artists Share 25+ 3D Looks That Require a Second Look to Figure Out


Canadian makeup wizard Mimi Choi creates optical illusions on her own face. Sometimes, they’re ...

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30+ Times People Had the Best Responses in Random Situations

Henry Harrison

Have you ever wondered why the California state flag has a bear on it? It’s thanks to grizzly bears ...

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They Are Not Grandmas! They Are the New Fashion Icons of the Town

JJ Foster

With time, people should change. It looks like our seniors took that advice. These days, a lot of ...

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Top 5 Colors to Dominate the Street Style Scene This Coming Fall

Veronica Franco

It's the runway that gives birth to trends each season, but it's the streets that keep them alive. ...

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Hair Extensions: The Secret Behind Most Celebrity Bobs

Oliver Hamilton

The celebrity bob has been in style the past year, but it’s a look that has traditionally been ...

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Fall Fashion Must-Haves: 5 Cute and Casual Outfits

Nolan Sandome

Leaves are changing colors, the cool breeze is starting to blow, and all you can think about is ...

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People Are Giving Their Nails a Summer Makeover With the Strawberry Trend

Penny King

Who wants to feel summer-ready, head to nails? If it’s you, then go out and get yourself strawberry ...

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