Hearts are Back in Fashion – The Symbol of Affection Takes Center Stage

Fall in Love with the New Era of Heart-Shaped Fashion

Fashion has once again fallen head over heels for the heart symbol. The catwalks of summer 2023 were brimming with hearts in every shape and form, from Victoria Beckham and Rixo’s heart-print dresses to the heart-shaped hats at Moschino. The hearts trend isn’t just for high-end fashion either; it has found its way into affordable accessories, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts everywhere. With heart-shaped jewelry and bags gaining popularity, it’s clear that this timeless symbol of love has stolen the spotlight once again!

Heart-Shaped Jewelry Is All the Rage

Heart-Shaped Jewelry Is All the Rage

From heart-shaped clutch bags to quilted flap bags and even heart-shaped crossbody bags, this trend has been steadily building up momentum and has finally reached its peak this summer. Jewelry has also fallen under the heart’s spell, becoming infatuated with its allure. Heart-shaped jewelry has made its mark on popular television shows, cementing its place in pop culture. Remember Lily Collins wearing a striking red Vanrycke charm on Emily in Paris? And who could forget the iconic heart-shaped necklace from Tiffany & Co, brought back to life on the hit show Euphoria, adorning the character Maddy, played by Alexa Demi. Luxury brands like Chanel, Celine, and Saint Laurent have also embraced heart-shaped jewelry in their summer 2023 collections, bringing a touch of ’00s nostalgia to the fashion scene.

The Symbolic Meaning of Hearts

The Symbolic Meaning of Hearts

But hearts aren’t just for the girlish and feminine; they’re a symbol of power and strength too. Hearts now represent a multitude of emotions. As Elle’s Bird wisely points out, “The heart symbol can feel very powerful, portraying women as all-powerful beings. Being a deity and a warrior means embracing traditionally ‘soft’ or feminine values like love, nurturing, and empathy as the strong skills they truly are.” So, whether you’re feeling fierce or tender, the heart’s trend allows you to express your unique strength and vulnerability simultaneously.

Future Predictions

Future Predictions

Chunky heart-shaped pendants have also taken over our social media feeds, with even Kylie Jenner flaunting her massive heart-shaped choker during Paris Fashion Week. As this trend gains momentum, it’s only natural to wonder if “heartcore” will become the latest core lexicon. As fashion continues to evolve and draw inspiration from the past, the heart trend is set to flourish even further. Experts predict that its popularity will soar in the upcoming seasons, solidifying the 2000s revival in the fashion industry. So, get ready to wear your heart on your sleeve, and remember, in fashion and in life, all you need is love!

Top 5 Nail Design Ideas Trending This Year

A new season calls for new styles and trends and no fashion style can be complete without cool nail art. Over time, nail designs have evolved from the classic French mani, tapping on both explicit and minimalist styles. When it comes to nail art designs, the world is truly your oyster! That being said, there’s nothing wrong with being aware of a few popular trends of the time. So, get an upper hand with these top nail-art styles and rock your look this season!

Green Tips

This unique version of the popular French manicure is many stylists’ favorite take on the classic look. To achieve this look, first prep your nails with a coat of clear base, and then use different shades of green nail polish to paint each nail tip. You can obviously take a safer route by choosing only one color. However, trying a range of different shades together, like mint or frost green, would be more adventurous.

Confetti Manicure

A cute confetti manicure basically screams fun! This one nail design will work for all your fun parties, club hopping, beach days, and more. Try this trend by painting your nails in a nude base, or sheer neutral polish, and then adding confetti-like specks with a nail dotting tool. You can go light or heavy-handed with the specks, and also experiment with colors. While gold and silver specks bring out the most celebratory look, mixing them with bright colors like green, blue, and red specks would seal the deal for a fun, quirky, style.

Multi-Print Nail Trend

There’s no denying that multi-print nail art is having a moment in the fashion world. The best part is that there’s only one rule to follow: It’s always better to keep the color palette in the same color family. For instance, a muted beige vibe with different shades of nude and brown can create a beautiful, yet distinct, look. To do it, use a few different neutral shaded polishes and create different freehand designs on each nail. Otherwise, you can opt for the easier route and just mix and match a few nail stickers instead.

Black and White Nail Design

Black and white nail designs are always chic. You can go as wild or as minimalist as you wish, without worries! If the minimalist design is your game, all you need is a thin striping brush, opaque white nail polish, and black nail polish. Use the striping brush for creating precise and ultra-fine lines, and rock your trendy look with the DIY black and white nail design. But if you prefer visible bold styles, go for stripes, geometric shapes, abstract patterns, or anything your heart desires!

Neon Leopard Prints

It’s hard not to be obsessed with the ongoing neon leopard print nail trend. A nail art brush set and a few different shades of neon-colored polishes are all you need to create these beautifully spotted designs. You can mix and match contrasting colors to create a bold look. Also, try neon leopard prints paired with single-colored nails for a more dramatic look. Just seal everything with a glossy top coat and you’re good to go!