White Gold Hair Is This Summer’s Go to Trend

The trendy colors for hair seem to change as frequently as the seasons. The winter of 2021 was dominated entirely by the expensive brunette, with even light-haired ladies like Hailey Beiber going for the darker shade. However, the latest shade seems to have taken the color and flipped it on its head as we see a plethora of celebrities switching up their hair color to a shade known as white gold.

The Shade

The latest luxe shade to emerge as the hair color for summer 2022 is white gold. This shade lies in the gap between the fashionable platinum blond of 2016 and the vintage blond of last summer. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, and Kim Kardashian are giving up their broody, dark locks for this summery, light shade. According to Tom Smith, who is a celebrity stylist as well as the creative director for Evo Hair, there’s a major resurgence in white gold as the preferred choice for hair color. Smith further elaborates that this certain shade is a neutral cream shade that is neither too gold nor too silver.

How to Get the Shade

There might be a couple of stages required to get to the perfect white gold hair color, so be ready to have multiple seatings with your stylist. Another thing to add to your hair routine is to add touch-ups to your roots every five to six weeks. The white gold is actually a shade that is easier to pull for most skin tones, so it is going to be much in demand come summer. If you’re getting this treatment, Smith suggests products K18 treatment and Olaplex No 3 for keeping your hair bonds healthy and repaired. Further, he recommends using Evo’s Great Hydrator as the white gold color goes perfectly with sleek, shiny, and long hairstyles.