White Gold Hair Is This Summer’s Go to Trend

The trendy colors for hair seem to change as frequently as the seasons. The winter of 2021 was dominated entirely by the expensive brunette, with even light-haired ladies like Hailey Beiber going for the darker shade. However, the latest shade seems to have taken the color and flipped it on its head as we see a plethora of celebrities switching up their hair color to a shade known as white gold.

The Shade

The latest luxe shade to emerge as the hair color for summer 2022 is white gold. This shade lies in the gap between the fashionable platinum blond of 2016 and the vintage blond of last summer. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, and Kim Kardashian are giving up their broody, dark locks for this summery, light shade. According to Tom Smith, who is a celebrity stylist as well as the creative director for Evo Hair, there’s a major resurgence in white gold as the preferred choice for hair color. Smith further elaborates that this certain shade is a neutral cream shade that is neither too gold nor too silver.

How to Get the Shade

There might be a couple of stages required to get to the perfect white gold hair color, so be ready to have multiple seatings with your stylist. Another thing to add to your hair routine is to add touch-ups to your roots every five to six weeks. The white gold is actually a shade that is easier to pull for most skin tones, so it is going to be much in demand come summer. If you’re getting this treatment, Smith suggests products K18 treatment and Olaplex No 3 for keeping your hair bonds healthy and repaired. Further, he recommends using Evo’s Great Hydrator as the white gold color goes perfectly with sleek, shiny, and long hairstyles.

Copenhagen Fashion Week Goes Fully Digital for The Upcoming Fall 2021

Three young women on the street in stylish clothing

Responding to the global spike because of the pandemic, and renewed, even more, strict government restrictions, the Danish government banned trade fairs until the end of February 2021. The government canceled all physical iterations and physical shows of its popular trade fairs Revolver, Ciff, Dansk Fashion & Textile and Wear. Copenhagen Fashion Week was scheduled to run from February 2nd to February 4th. Instead, it will take place online on a brand new digital platform, which debuted last August.

Copenhagen Fashion Week chief executive officer Cecile Thorsmark says that even though this is definitely unwished-for, it is also undoubtedly the right thing to do. The executives look forward to being able to meet physically again for the August 2021 fashion week.

Cecile Thorsmark, chief executive officer of Copenhagen Fashion Week Fashion Week Is Going Digital

The brands that will participate in the digital showcase include Rotate Birger Christensen, Rains, Ganni, Stine Goya, and Baum Pferdgarten. A schedule of talks, complementing the online preservations will also be released later this month. Copenhagen Fashion Week is best known for its colorful, laid-back approach to style and sustainable businesses, and it was among the first to return to physical events last summer, with Cecile Thorsmark standing behind the hybrid fashion week format that melded physical shows with industry conversations and online films.

Street Style shown on Copenhagen Fashion Week Strategic Process With Participation of Stakeholders

The first Copenhagen Fashion Week was taken in 2006. It’s the result of a merger of previous clothing trade fairs in Denmark, Dansk Herremodeuge and Dansk Modeuge, which date back to the 1950s. In 2017, Copenhagen Fashion Week went through a strategic manner with the participation of key stakeholders in the fashion industry. They wanted to strengthen Copenhagen as the epicenter of Scandinavian fashion and to establish Copenhagen Fashion Week as the leading fashion week in Scandinavia.

In 2019, Copenhagen Fashion Week became Scandinavia’s only fashion week. It will keep striving towards developing and maintaining Copenhagen fashion Week to continue being the strongest possible platform for Scandinavian fashion brands to thrive.