The Top 5 White Tees For Summer

It is summer time and white is the new black! There is no denying that white is the go-to color for summer, but white t-shirts can also be boring and overlooked. Whether it’s plain, logo, cropped, slouched, or textured, these are the Top five white tees so you don’t need to go searching yourself.

The Crop Top

This lace trim crop top from Topshop can be worn to entertain a simple outfit with its intricate detail. There should be no battle in your decision making to get this, as at only $35 this top can be worn for multiple occasions.

The Slouchy Tee

For those bloated days when you need a top that allows you to breathe or to create a chic, tucked in jeans, simple yet effective look, this top is the one. Soft and breezy, this top is plain, yet stylish. At only $16 from, you can be ready for those nights out or just a simple get together with your friends.

The Knot Top

Some may remember getting told off by their mums for stretching their brand new top whilst trying to recreate the tie knot style like Britney Spears. Well, now that’s no longer a worry as this knot-look has already been created for you. This knot top, only $9, from Forever 21 adds a little more to the ordinary white tee.

The Flowy Shirt

Sometimes a white t-shirt is not enough. Sometimes a frill or peplum hem can make that small difference you need for whatever your plans may be on that summer day. This $34 shirt from Truly Madly Deeply at Urban Outfitters is a small price to pay for the multi-purpose of uses. With its comfortable fit, you will be able to wear it all summer long.

The Print Top

Want to spice things up? Why not throw on some pelican birds! If Anthropologie’s idea of a $78 top is 3 pelicans then who are we to argue? This simple top can be combined with a pair of jeans, shorts, or skirt to create a fun, cute appearance.