What Is The Terry Cloth Trend and Why Is It So Popular?

If you’re the kind of person that loves to keep up with the latest style icons and fashion influencers, you’ve probably seen these men and women raving about terry cloth. It’s become the material of the summer, and while summer may sadly be nearing its end, it seems as though terry cloth will continue to reign supreme as the days get colder. If you’re completely new to this trend, though, you’ll want to know what it’s all about. What is the terry cloth trend, and why is everyone obsessed with it?

A Different Material

When it comes to clothing material, we’re all used to the basics, right? We know what cotton feels like, polyester is a part of everyday life, leather has found its home in our closets, and that’s before we even mention the pièce de résistance; denim. One of the reasons why terry cloth is so popular, then, is because it’s a different kind of material. With its looped threads, it’s incredibly soft and almost feels exactly like a beach towel!

Dressing It Up Or Down

Because it’s a soft material, terry cloth has been used for all kinds of clothing items, and this means that you can dress it up or down. Sure, you could buy a bikini made from this stuff and head to the beach in the height of summer, but you could also buy countless sweaters for when the weather starts to turn. It’s this versatility that has made the fabric so popular, and why people just can’t seem to get enough of it. After all, why wouldn’t you want a fabric that’s soft to the touch, and that works wonders no matter the occasion?

Terry cloth may be a fairly new addition to the fashion game, but that doesn’t mean it’s going anywhere soon. So, are you ready to upgrade your wardrobe with terry cloth?

Learn About the Ways Vogue Editors Shop Vintage Clothes and Accessories

There’s no denying that the trend of getting pre-loved clothes and accessories has been on the rise in recent years. And with some of the gorgeous vintage finds you can get your hands on, how can such a trend not be this popular? Well, it seems that editors at Vogue are no strangers to bulking up their wardrobes with evergreens.

Fashion News Director Chioma Nnadi Buys Vintage Online

Chioma Nnadi Buys Vintage Online
Learn About the Ways Vogue Editors Shop Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Although she prefers getting her fix of pre-owned clothes on the internet (places like The RealReal), Chioma also has favorite spots in Paris, L.A., and London. She is into groovy prints and the neo-bohemian styles of the late 90s.

Experiences Editor Jasmine Contomichalos Avoids Pre-Owned Shoes

Jasmine Contomichalos
Learn About the Ways Vogue Editors Shop Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Although she loves everything vintage, Jasmine has a strict rule to never wear pre-owned shoes, hats, and intimates. She once bought a Dior bikini and gravely regrets it, so there’s no chance that you’ll find any of these in her closet. Jasmine’s approach to shopping for pre-loved clothes is to shop for entire outfits and accessories, so she has a complete look in the end. Of course, it doesn’t always come out as planned, but still, she tries.

Associate Market Editor Naomi Elizee Lets Her Mood Decide

Naomi Elizee
Learn About the Ways Vogue Editors Shop Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Like many women, Naomi too relies on her mood of the day to dictate how she styles herself, no matter if it’s a vintage or a modern outfit. Since she lives in Brooklyn, Elizzee gets most of her pre-owned clothes and accessories from Beacon’s Closet and The Break.

Stylist Alex Harrington Loves Exploded Proportions

Alex Harrington
Learn About the Ways Vogue Editors Shop Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Alex is a stylist at Vogue, and his signature style is hard to go unnoticed. Like he often says, it’s all about big proportions and nothing small. It’s what makes him feel comfortable. His favorite vintage fashion period was the ’20s because whatever was trendy then is pretty much considered modern now.