Tailor Makes New Robes Out of Red Carpet Gown Fabric Leftovers

Christy Rilling
Tailor Makes New Robes Out of Red Carpet Gown Fabric Leftovers

Christy Rilling is a well-known tailor who rose to fame by altering and creating one-off pieces for a variety of celebrities and politicians. She also launched a debut collection of custom dresses. However, with none of her famous clients expecting to visit the red carpet soon for any type of event or award ceremony due to world health events, Rilling had to get creative and find a new way to keep her staff busy.

“Stay Home” Red Carpet Robes

stay home red carpet robe
Tailor Makes New Robes Out of Red Carpet Gown Fabric Leftovers

Although loungewear isn’t her speciality, Rilling decided to create a collection of high-end robes made using the leftover fabrics from some of her famous jobs. Having comfortable loungewear for long periods spent indoors is always a great idea, and each of the pieces from this collection has a fabulous history. One of the robes uses marigold silk that was used to line Michelle Obama’s dress, which she wore to the 2016 State of the Union Address. Another one of the amazing robes is made of Sherman’s print that was used for the Undercover Spring 2018 collection and donated to Rilling by Sherman. 30% of Rilling’s profits will be donated to a food bank for New York City.

Keeping Busy and Creative

Tailor Makes New Robes Out of Red Carpet Gown Fabric Leftovers

One of the main reasons behind this project was to allow Rilling to keep her staff of 15 employed and busy throughout this challenging period. Although the tailor says it’s difficult that they’re not able to work together in the same atelier, she trusts in the ability and skills of each of her team members, and the work still gets done beautifully. Using a borrowed car, she makes no-contact deliveries and pickups of finished robes and fabrics. She can still consult with her team using video chat to make sure everyone is keeping busy and having fun. This red carpet tailor and her team stayed creative and productive in less than ideal circumstances and the results are amazing. The robes are available for purchase on Rilling’s website!

Victoria Beckham’s Love for Crystals Is Real

Victoria Beckham is a lot of things – global fashion icon, former popstar, wife to football legend David Bekcham and mother to four children. The posh spice also likes to surround herself with positive energy, and has admitted to sleeping with spiritual crystals after being introduced to them in LA. Read on to know about her love for crystals and more.

The Spiritual Crystals

Victoria Beckham first came in contact with spiritual crystals shortly after moving to California in 2007 after her footballer husband’s surprising move to Los Angeles Galaxy. She has admitted to still owing the first crystal that she ever brought, a black obsidian, that she still carries everywhere with her. The former spice girl has curated an enormous collection of crystals at her Cotswolds home where she lives with her husband and four children. Bekham has also stated that the crystals play a key part in her spiritual beliefs, and that she likes them close by everytime. The 47 year old always has a small collection of crystals in her handbag, and also likes to sleep with them nearby.

Crystals in Clothing

Victoria Beckham, who is also a designer by profession, has used crystals in her designs since 208. The designer has clipped crystals onto belt loops and also included secret pockets on her side leg trousers to carry them. With the inclusions of crystals, Beckham aims to make her customers feel confident and secure. By sharing her love and knowledge of the ges, she wants to provide support navigating their career and personal life. Beckham has also admitted to being superstitious, stating that never walks under a ladder and salutes when she sees a magpie. Victoria Bekham shot to fame in the 90s with her girl group Spice Girl, and later in 1999 cemented her status as a media darling with her 1999 marriage to David Beckham.