This Supermodel-Approved Swedish Shampoo is the Ultimate Key to Unlock the Secret of Healthy Hair

Hair health is not an issue to overlook. Shiny, healthy, luscious-looking hair like the advertising commercials are a far cry, when we are troubled with our mundane hectic lifestyle, weather, and temperature, or sometimes bad gene. While every market-available product boasts some kind of wonder-formula or natural treatment, in reality, there are only a few reliable brands with genuine good quality products.

The Root of Hair Problems

The root of all the hair problems we face, is, well, the root! Scalp health is extremely necessary to give your hair a healthy base to grow with strong roots. So, hair growth is interlinked to scalp health, ultimately playing role in overall hair health. It is necessary to keep your scalp clear of dandruff, irritation, inflammation, and skin-cell build-up, as only a clean and clear scalp is better equipped to produce high-quality and high-integrity hairs. Among various available scalp-care shampoos, the one from Swedish hair-care brand Sachajuan is the ultimate choice, according to Amazon shoppers and even supermodels!

The Sachajuan Shampoo

This top-rated reasonably priced scalp shampoo comes from the famed Swedish hair-care line Sachajuan. With a lather, rinse, and repeat staple routine, this shampoo is designed to soothe scalp irritation by curing even the worst type of dandruff. The shampoo contains an impressive blend of exotic ingredients like piroctone olamine, climbazole, rosemary oil, menthol, and ginger extract, among others. Both piroctone olamine and climbazole are antifungal agents, known best to kill scalp-irritating fungal infections as well as to promote healthy hair growth. The other ingredients work together to keep the scalp clean and refreshed, help maintain moisture and stimulate hair growth. This Swedish shampoo will undoubtedly lead you on the path to achieving that commercial-claimed healthy hair.

Wearing Dresses Over Jeans Is the Newest Fashion Trend on the Block

Many of us have our favorite dresses for the spring and summer, but what about when things cool down for the last half of the year? You no longer have to pack all of your favorite clothes away. That’s right; wearing dresses over jeans is the new fashion trend on the block.

Choose Light Materials

Some people fear they will be too bulky if they wear dresses over jeans. One simple way to avoid this is to choose a lightweight frock and to keep your accessories delicate. Think skinny-fit jeans and a simple clutch.

Change Things From Tights

Rather than thinking of your jeans as an addition, picture them as a substitution. Swapping them for your tights means that you can enjoy your dresses for even longer thanks to the warmer legwear.

Try An Asymmetrical Cut

You don’t need to stick to clean lines when wearing dresses over jeans. In fact, wearing an asymmetrical dress can add different layers to your look while playing with bright colors helps you stand out even more.

Opt For Ankle Length

You don’t have to show full denim to make your dresses over jeans work. Why not opt for an ankle-length dress and offer up a peek of denim instead? You can still look elegant while keeping warm all at the same time. Perfect.

Wear Things Open

Using a button-up dress can be a great way to add new dimensions to your dress over jeans look. Buttoning up the top of the dress and leaving the bottom to flow open is the perfect two-in-one look that also helps to flatter your hips and natural curves.

Wearing dresses over jeans is the new fashion trend on the block for all kinds of reasons. The best bit? There are plenty of ways to add the style to your existing wardrobe to help give you new outfits throughout the year.