Must-Have Winter Workout Gear

Winter has just arrived and it’s time to bust out the layers! Getting warmed up during winter can be a real downer for those of us who enjoy exercise – especially if it’s outdoors. The winter always proves to be a difficult time to dress for athletes, because adding too many unbreathable layers will make you overheat, and having too few could lead to some miserable early morning jogs! So if you are going to be exercising this winter, please be sure to dress appropriately! Here are some garment ideas for you to consider if your wardrobe looks like it needs an update:

Icebreaker Sprite Leggings

Leggings are often one of the most crucial parts of your winter activewear outfit as you need to retain body heat but allow your legs (which generate the bulk of the heat while you’re active) the comfortability of being able to sweat, but without exposing you to the cold weather. These bright magenta leggings allow keep you warm and dry during the routine as well as ensuring that you’re visible in a variety of different lighting conditions – for your safety.

Underarmour Women’s ColdGear Infrared Full Zip Hoodie

Keeping our vital areas warm during outdoor winter activities is very important. Underarmour has developed this jacket to ensure that your body retains it’s natural heat for a longer period of time while ensuring that you can still regulate your body temperature. The packable hood allows you to wear this jacket as both a hoodie and a practical indoor jacket, making it perfect for a range of situations.

REI Tech-Compatible Powerflyte Neon Gloves

The best way to ensure that your body stays warm is to make sure that areas like your hands, feet, neck and even ears are kept warm during cold weather. While wearing a beanie or headband can help to keep your ears warm, a good pair of gloves is the best bet for your hands. REI-Tech Powerflyte gloves mold perfectly to your hand shape allowing you great protection and a comfortable fit.