Here Is How You Can Be a Mindful Shopper

Fast fashion has become a way of life for many people. With TikTok promoting a new trend every day, and the general populace being bombarded with a barrage of clothing in videos, it has become the norm to shop more and more each day. With brands like Shein, which price their products around the range of $5-$17, it’s easy to buy and discard without burning a hole in your pocket. How does one ensure that they indulge in mindful shopping instead of senseless buying?

The Need

Alec Leach, the writer of The World Is On Fife and We’re Still Buying Shoes talks about how to build a better relationship with shopping. The British writer points out how the act of shopping is a way for most to bring something new into their life. However, he stresses that it is only possible when we indulge in mindful shopping. The sustainability consultant elaborates that consumption will only increase over time, and to be a mindful shopper means to become a more active observer during the process.

The Keys to Mindful Shopping

The first key to mindful shopping is to stay away from the trend-mania that has taken over the fashion world. Fast-fashion brands don’t have a particular aesthetic, instead making it look like the trends are changing every day. For a better shopping experience, embrace your own personal style instead of running behind a particular trend dominating the market. Just because something has captured your heart doesn’t mean you should buy it immediately. The second key to shopping better and making mindful choices is to become a better observer. In his book, Leach talks about how we expect a new item to change our life, but usually end up having our hopes dashed. Putting time and carefully researching before buying something can make all the difference between just liking your purchase and loving it.

JLo’s Y2K- Inspired Wardrobe Shows She is a Millenial Fashion Queen

JLo’s Y2K- Inspired Wardrobe Shows She is a Millenial Fashion Queen

The media houses have flooded our phones with photos of this summer’s hot favorite recoupling, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. One can spot her wearing the necklace with Ben’s initials on it in her vacation pictures, giving the ongoing rumors more heat. And just like J Lo is back with her 2000s sweetheart, her fashion sense also seems inspired by the era.

J Lo Serving Nostaligia

JLo’s Y2K- Inspired Wardrobe Shows She is a Millenial Fashion Queen

J Lo took to Instagram to cement the relationship status of her and Ben – and gave everyone some major Millenium fashion goals with her choice of wardrobe. Enjoying her 52 in Saint-Tropez with Ben – J Lo showed everyone that she is still Jenny From the Block with her millennial fashion style. You can see Jennifer flaunting a wide-brimmed hat with silver studs paired with super flowy Valentino kaftans that bring back the memories of her iconic Versace dress she graced Grammys in 2000. It’s clear that waterfall hemlines are one of her favorite styles.

A Lady on a Mission

When it comes to shoes, Jennifer kept her look bold and majestic—flaunting her towering pearl-embedded heels from Dolce and Gabbana and Andrea Wazen’s PVC platforms. Count on J Lo to make wearing heels on a yacht look like a good and effortless choice. She completed her look with a pair of rimless ombre Quay shades, again giving us major flashbacks of the whirlwind Noughties.

Gen-Z It-Girl’s Favorite Mini Dress Brand

JLo’s Y2K- Inspired Wardrobe Shows She is a Millenial Fashion Queen

While Shopping in Monaco – Lopez opted for a simple slip from Reformation, one would guess, to show off her Ben necklace. Reformation is famous amongst the Gen-Z It- girls, particularly for their signature mini dress that reminds of the 90s, must-have pieces. The wear-anywhere design of the dress gives it a very breezy vibe and sits at the affordable end of J Lo’s wardrobe. Blumarine is another brand delivering the ultimate Y2K fantasy fashion.