Lash Lifts Are the Low-Maintenance Alternative to Lash Extensions

Most of us have endured a clumpy mess after piling on coats of mascara on eyelashes or we’ve wrestled with false lash strips. Obviously, there are amazing-looking lash extensions, but those come at a steep price and damage the real lashes. Now it’s time to consider lash lifts. Lash lifts are a semi-permanent treatment and the best alternative for achieving long lashes, according to lash artist Paula Ocot from Laurel NYC Tattoo Studio

What Are Lash Lifts?

Lash lifts are essentially a perm for the eyelashes, creating a natural lift and curl. According to lash artist Paula Ocot from Laurel NYC Tattoo Studio, the secret to a good lash lift is a safely formulated chemical solution. The result differs from person to person, based on the different lash lengths and growth directions. The eye-popping results of lash lifts last for several weeks without creating any damage to the real eyelashes.

What’s the Preparation?

Ocot assures that lash lifts require very little preparation. She advises her clients to come with a clean face and without any eye makeup. It’s better to wash your eyes thoroughly before visiting the salon for lash lifts. Also, those who wear mascara regularly should stop using it at least 3 days before the appointment to prevent the risk of having any residue on the eyelashes. Otherwise, it can hinder the lash lifting process.

What Are the Options?

Customization options are available in lash lifts to get the look you want. Your lash artist can alter the tightness of the curl according to your choice and also add a tint to make the eyelashes look thicker and darker. According to Ocot, every lash lift service begins with a consultation, where you can discuss your choices and preferences and can decide the best look for your eyes. You can go for a soft curl for a natural look or can opt for a tighter curl for a more dramatic look. The final result can last up to 2 months.

What’s the Maintenance Process?

One of the perks of lash lifts is they’re comparatively low-maintenance. Ocot states that only the first 24 hours are crucial, wherein water and sweat build-up on the eyes should be avoided. Also, it’s necessary to keep your hands off as much as possible and avoid excessive rubbing. Lastly, Ocot suggests using a clean spoolie to brush the lashes daily to keep them fluffy, airy, and tangle-free, and to apply castor oil 2-3 times a week for nourishing and hydrating your lashes.

How To Use Your Skin Tone To Determine Your Clothing Colors

If you’re the kind of person that loves to wear colorful clothes, you probably don’t pay much attention to the colors you choose. After all, you just buy what you like, right? Well, what if we told you that you can easily determine what colors suit you best by just examining your skin tone? While this may sound pretty complicated, it’s actually much easier than you’d think.

You’re Neutral If…

If you have a skin tone that just can’t be placed (i.e it’s not warm or cold), then you can stake your place within the neutral category. Most neutral people have hazel eyes, as they are a mixture of both warm and cold tones – and because their eyes tend to change color depending on what clothes and colors they are wearing at the time. If you are neutral, you should steer towards soft and light colors, such as jade green and dusty pinks.

You’re Warm If…

You’ll be able to add some seriously warm colors to your closet if your skin tone has a golden, yellow, or green undertone. This normally means that you have a slightly olive complexion, or have hair color that can be anything from dark blonde to dark brown. If this is you, you can add the likes of gold, yellow, orange, and red to your wardrobe – and you’ll rock it in the process.

You’re Cold If…

If you have a bluish undertone to your skin, you have the pleasure of being in the cold category. It’s best to embrace this category, as you will look awesome in colors such as royal blue and deep purples. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also suit the likes of bright rose and pink. The brighter, the better, as your skin tone is perfect for this brightness.

Who knew that your skin tone could tell you so much about what clothes you should wear?