Gigi Hadid Is Rocking The Metallic Blazer – Here’s Where To Find One Similar

As one of the most famous supermodels in the world, there’s no doubt about the fact that Gigi Hadid knows a thing or two about fashion. When she’s not posing for a photoshoot, strutting down the catwalk, or hanging out with the other Victoria’s Secret models, this lady is rocking an epic wardrobe that is enough to make anyone jealous. We didn’t think it was possible, but in April 2019, Gigi upped her game and wore an incredible metallic blazer that took her style to a whole new level. Here’s where you can find one similar…

Gigi Hadid Is Rocking The Metallic Blazer – Here’s Where To Find One Similar

Silver Metallic Blazer – Pretty Little Thing

If you want to add a little color into your life, then why not give this blazer a whirl? It looks both silver and baby blue at the same time, and the fit is absolutely stunning. The buttons will fit the jacket to your body shape, and the sparkle will charge up your outfit and transform you into the ultimate rocker chick. What more could you want?

Shiny Blazer – Zara

Zara loves to showcase just how fashion-forward they are, and this blazer certainly shows that. This is perfect if you want to make your body look longer, or even if you want to make your already-long body look even more model-esque! The V-neck will even add a little skin into the mix, which will perfectly balance the shine and shimmer that surrounds the rest of your body. It looks pretty comfortable, too.

Gigi Hadid Is Rocking The Metallic Blazer – Here’s Where To Find One Similar

Simon Miller Dawes Cracked Leather Jacket – Nordstrom

While it might not have that cropped look Gigi was going for, this amazing metallic jacket from Nordstrom is still something special. With giant button and collar detail, it looks both sophisticated and out-of-this-world at the same time. The best thing about this jacket is that you really can pair it with anything, from a pair of jeans to smart work pants!

Gigi’s Blazer – Off-White

If you want to look just like the supermodel, you could actually wear the exact same blazer that she did. However, you’ll have to wait for Off-White’s fall/winter collection to drop, because Gigi was allowed to hand-pick a few pieces before they made their official debut. There’s no word yet on how much it will set you back, though…

Love Gigi’s silver blazer? Well, it’s time to rock the look…