Fanny Packs Are Back And Cooler Than Ever

Fanny packs had the stigma of being something carried by a mom or dad of a large family either in an airport, or in Disneyland. Just a couple years ago, the mention of a fanny pack would be sure to draw some laughter or mocking by others. This year, however, the fanny pack is having a resurgence, and now, it’s no laughing matter.

The fashion accessory has gone from nerdy to retro-chic and has been seen on the likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few. Despite it being seen on icons within fashion, some still are apprehensive about donning the controversial bag.

fanny packs-1

As it turns out, the possibilities of the fanny pack are endless, long done are the days of having one way to wear it, celebrities are styling the accessory in all kinds of ways. Instead of securing it around your waist, throw it over your chest to turn it into a cross body bag, or use it as a clutch.

Celebrities including Rihanna and Sofia Richie have been seen utilizing it in this way, which has left fans becoming more open to the idea of it.

fanny packs-2

In addition, the biggest upgrades to fanny packs have been the designer labels. Gucci, Chanel, Prada and Balenciaga have all sent their models down the runway in fanny packs strapped across their chests, leaving designer fanatics vying for the new and improved accessory. In fact, the Gucci fanny pack was the ‘it’ accessory of London Fashion Week and started appearing in street style blogs all over the Internet.

fanny packs-3

Instead of being a fashion faux pas, the fanny pack has become a must have accessory. Wear it in the summer or the winter with different styles, colors and designers but for now, the fanny pack is here to stay.