Dressing Extra in Quarantine While No One Is Watching

When under quarantine, no one can see you. You are not supposed to leave your home unless it is urgent. So what do the fashion enthusiasts do during this time since they can’t show off their hottest styles? They start to dress a bit extra while in the house and show off their stylish pieces on social media, of course!

Dressing Extra in Quarantine Since No One Can See Us

When staying home, most people are usually in their sweat pants, pajamas, and even activewear. However, for those who want a bit of a distraction from what’s going on in the world or simply want to feel good about their appearance while staying home, they dress up fancier.

Dressing Extra at Home

People start bringing out those clothing items that they have had in their closets for quite some time and have always wanted to wear. Whether there wasn’t a reason before or it wasn’t the right season, now is the chance to dress up.

Dressing Extra in Quarantine Since No One Can See Us

All over social media, people have been showing off their extra and over-the-top styles while staying at home.

From tortoise chain glasses to dressing in neon colors head to toe and even styling a teapot kettle as a handbag!

Who Said Working From Home Has to Be Boring

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to dress in loungewear all the time. In fact, studies have shown that people who dress up for their day while working from home are more productive. You can lounge around for a few days and make sure you’re comfy, but who is going to be extra and wear those stylish clothes hanging in your closet? People are keeping their spirits up and holding onto those positive moods as they raid their closets for some interesting styles that they can piece together while spending some extra time at home.

What kind of extra styles can you come up with?