The Do’s and Don’ts of Slugging

TikTok has been responsible for introducing many viral beauty hacks into our lives, whether plunging our face into a bowl of ice cubes to reduce puffiness or drinking chlorophyll to reduce acne. The latest and probably the most popular beauty hack which blew up because of TikTok is slugging. Read on to find out what is slugging and what are the dos and don’ts of it.

What is Slugging

This beauty hack suggests covering your face overnight with a thick moisturizer or Vaseline for hydration of the skin. Originating from South Korea, it is said to lock in moisture and help in addressing seasonal dryness.

The Do’s of Slugging

Slugging should be attempted only if you have dry skin as it hydrates the skin and helps repair cracked and flaky skin. You should also exfoliate and cleanse before slugging as clogged pores or leftover makeup combined with slugging can lead to an infection. Also, ensure that you apply the occlusive at least half an hour before bed to allow it to set before your head hits the pillow. Consider placing a towel over your pillowcase and tying your hair back while sleeping as your face is lathered in a sticky substance which can make things messy. Also, for best results, pair it with humectants like aloe vera as slugging itself isn’t hydrating, but a way to keep moisture locked in.

The Don’ts of Slugging

You should avoid certain things while practicing slugging. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, this hack might not be for you and can only make things worse. Also, using active ingredients like retinoids and BHAs is I’ll-advised as trapping these ingredients under the occlusive will increase their strength and can cause breakouts and infection to develop. Lastly, don’t apply any new product on the skin before washing off the slather from the night before.

Fashion Girls Explain Great Ways to Wear Quilted Fashion

Recently, contemporary labels and well-established, luxury design houses alike have been releasing stunning quilted pieces that are taking over the fashion world by storm. They are accompanied by new silhouettes, square-toe heels, and a variety of other amazing accessories that help put together a unique look for this fall and winter.

Woman wearing a quilted coat Staying Warm and Comfortable

Editorial stylist, Brie Welch, spoke about the rising popularity of quilted fashion. This type of fashion offers a new take on classic silhouettes and allows one to take the comfort of home outdoors. The options, however, range far beyond just jackets. Instead of the classic denim or linen, people can choose quilt pants or pencil skirts. A cloud-shaped quilt purse is a great way to add more texture and fun to any outfit. Most importantly, besides being quite fashionable, these pieces provide softness, comfort, and warmth.

Pair Quilted Pieces With Other Textures

These quilt fashion pieces, such as army-liner jackets, pair well with denim, as well as an array of other fabrics and textures. For example, a pair of quilted shorts can go amazingly well with a light, cotton shirt, and bold accessories that provide a bit of contrast. It’s very easy to pair a light jacket made in the quilt fashion with a cashmere turtleneck or sweater and a pair of pants to get an eye-catching and comfortable outfit for breezy weather.

A quilted outfit paired with different cloth textures Color Contrast and Accessories

The classic quilted clutch or modern cloud-shaped purse is a great way to introduce this fashion trend into one’s everyday outfits. This style is very versatile and allows for bold and contrasting color combinations. Quilt fashion also includes sandals and boots that are equal parts cozy and fashionable. Alternatively, one can choose a long, bold-colored quilt jacket with minimal accessories and neutral trousers to create a great statement outfit. There are hardly any limits for creativity and fun with this style!

A Quilted bag