Crayola Just Released Their First Make Up Line, With 95 Colors To Choose From

As kids, we may have first begun to experiment with what makeup looked like on our faces by drawing on them with Crayola markers, before graduating to color palettes that were better formulated for our skin. With childhood nostalgia at an all-time high, Crayola has figured out the perfect way to appeal to millennials who may not be ready to buy crayons for children of their own just yet. Enter Crayola’s very first makeup line.

Back in the day, we all wanted was to be the kid with the biggest box of crayons, endlessly begging our parents to buy the box with the most colors, in order to be the coolest kid in class. Crayola is paying homage to that desire by making sure their collection has more than 95 colors to choose from, all of which stay true to their promised intensity when you apply it to your face.

Many of the products in the 58-piece line harken back to their roots as a crayon manufacturer, as most of the product lineup has been designed to look just like the crayons we know and love. Not only that, they’ve made sure to preserve some of our favorite color names when turning them into makeup that’s safe for use on our eyes and lips.

From multi-use face crayons to larger highlighter crayons, as well as eyeshadow and lip palettes, and even brightly hued mascaras, it seems the color company has thought of everything. Even their advertising is very specifically gender neutral, showing that even makeup crayons are for everyone.

Most importantly, all of the ingredients they’ve used to formulate their new line are entirely vegan as well as being cruelty-free. The collection is currently only available through ASOS, which ships to countries around the world, so everyone can give the makeup a try.