Corkscrew Nails Are The Latest Trend To Hit

In 2017, we saw everything incorporate the unicorn trend and even saw the “unicorn nails.” However, this year we are seeing something a bit different for our nails. While the coloring can still be as bright and vibrant to stick with the former, yet, ever so popular, unicorn theme, the “corkscrew nails” have become the latest new trend to take a look at.


While we may associate a corkscrew with opening a perfect bottle of rose, this won’t do the same job but will catch peoples attention. Kira Sky Nail Products created the coil design and, just as you would expect, it’s a very intricate process.

The artist first paints the nail with acrylic and shapes it into a slight point. This is followed by a plastic straw being positioned underneath the tip of the nail and has to be left to dry.


The straw is eventually removed when everything is dry, but the next step would require the artist to use glitter acrylic to build a spiral around the straw using a small brush. The last touch is adding clear nail polish for added protection. Just when you think the corkscrew is enough work in itself, adding small rhinestones could be the final finishing touch.


Now, we wonder how we could text with these nails, and realize the complete impracticality of this new trend. However, everyone can appreciate this form of art which is created off just a nail bed. If you’re one to follow the new beauty trends, then you may want to try it out.

After all, the horn on the “unicorn nails” was not any better for practicality, so its all in the name of fashion. If the “corkscrew nail” is not for you, just watching the process on an online tutorial video is fascinating in itself!