These Are The Few Things Every Capsule Wardrobe Should Have

If you’re up to date on the whys and the wheres of the fashion world, there’s a high chance that you’re familiar with the term “Capsule Wardrobe.” Although this idea was coined back in the 1970s in London, it has slowly but surely made its way across the world and into the realm of sustainable fashion. That’s because these capsule collections allow people to focus on a few high-quality items in their closet that can be used within various different outfits. This stops people buying unnecessary garments and filling their wardrobe with items they never wear. So, what should ever capsule wardrobe have in it?

These Are The Few Things Every Capsule Wardrobe Should Have

The Denim Jeans

Everybody should own at least one pair of denim jeans. It should basically be the law. This is because jeans are the perfect canvas to create a new and incredible outfit every day of the week. From lounging around the house to a hot date, these jeans will become your best friend. They can be teamed up with sneakers or heels, and we need that kind of commitment in our life.

The Plain White Tee

Although it may seem boring, there’s nothing quite like finding a crisp white tee in your closet. That’s because it’s incredibly versatile and can be mixed with all kinds of additions. Tuck it into a skirt, throw it on over your jeans, team it up with your patterned work pants, add another layer underneath your favorite floral string dress, or even wear it underneath your favorite pair of dungarees. You should never underestimate the power of the plain white tee.

These Are The Few Things Every Capsule Wardrobe Should Have

The Black Dress

No, this doesn’t specifically have to be an LBD. However, it’s important to have a black dress of some kind in your closet. That’s because this little number can be used for all kinds of occasions. You can dress it up with accessories and hair and makeup for a night on the town, you can team it with a blazer for your big meeting at work, or you can dress it down with combat boots and a denim jacket for a wander around the city. The opportunities are endless.

If you’re thinking of creating a capsule wardrobe with your clothes, then this probably means donating a fair few items. Yet, whatever you do, don’t get rid of these important pieces. They will be the backbone of your capsule closet.