Everything You Need to Know About the Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment

The Brazilian blowout hair treatment is currently the biggest craze of the fashion world. For those who don’t know, this treatment has recently become famous for its transformative results of intense frizz-free shine in the hair. But just like every other treatment, there have been questions regarding the safety and validity of this one too. If you’re also questioning whether to indulge in this pretty pricey treatment, you’re in the right place. Here is your expert-explained crash course on this special hair straightening treatment.

The Hair Treatment

Originated in Brazil, the Brazilian blowout is a liquid keratin formula which bonds to the hair and creates a protective layer around each strand. Through the process, it effectively diminishes the frizz and seals the cuticles, protecting the hair from any external damage. A flat iron is used to seal the formula in, before it is rinsed in the shampoo bowl. After the treatment, the hair will be left frizz-free, hydrated, and more resilient with an insanely glossy mirror-like shine.

The Difference

Though the end results are quite similar, a Brazilian blowout surpasses other keratin treatments with its customizable mild formula which can be tailored according to your hair. Also, the post-treatment is a little less complicated. After a keratin treatment, you have to follow a few rules regarding washing, clipping, tying, and styling your hair. Brazilian blowouts, on the contrary, do not have any such rules and after the rinse, you can continue to treat your hair like you would on a normal day.

The Safety

According to some experts, people with textured hair should take extra precautions before going for the Brazilian blowout. The heat used for the treatment can be damaging as it may not get distributed evenly in the hair, making certain parts of the textured strands react differently. In such a case, the advice is to be mindful with the amount of heat applied to the hair.