The Baggy Long Shorts Trend Is Here to Stay

If you’re the kind of person that loves to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends of this world, you’ll know that it’s often hard to keep up. One minute florals are in, and the next minute you have the voice of Miranda Priestly snarling in your ear. Well, you’ll be happy to know that a brand new trend has dropped onto the fashion world, and it’s something that you’ve probably not seen for a while… Baggy long shorts!

We Like Short Shorts

Shorts are a staple in most people’s closets – but you might want to head online to buy some of these bad boys, because we’ll bet you a dollar you’ve never bought them before. When it comes to shorts, fashionistas across the globe tend to buy short shorts. We’re talking denim cut-offs, or we’re talking short paper-bad styles. Times are changing, though, and long baggy shorts are here to stay.

A New Trend

This new trend is unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime, and it’s almost as if our Daisy Duke’s and our culottes had a baby to produce these long baggy shorts. What’s so amazing about this trend is that there is a lot of flexibility when it comes down to it. You could choose to buy shorts that hit you just below the knee, or you could whip out your kneecaps for a look that offers a hemline above the knee.

Looking Totally Chic

Whichever shorts you choose, you can make some seriously chic outfits out of them. You could pair these shorts with a bralette and a light jacket, you could tuck your favorite blouse into the waistband, or you could even go extra chic and buy yourself a long-short-and-shirt-co-ord. What could be better than that?

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Well, it might be time to log-on to your favorite store and buy all of the long shorts they offer. You’ll fall in love quickly.

Three of the Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces of the Year 2022

When it comes to fashion and style, the importance of the right jewelry can’t be understated. The right necklace or earring can make or break your outfit. But a piece of jewelry can be much more bearing the signature of excellent craftsmanship and exquisite beauty. Such an exclusive piece of jewelry can become the symbol of status, touching the colossal value of million of dollars. Read on to know about a few of the world’s most expensive jewelry pieces of the year 2022.

The Hope Diamond

The most expensive diamond in the world is the famed and fabled Hope Diamond. With a value of $250 million, the jewelry is a stunning diamond-studded necklace with the centerpiece of a stylish, deep-blue colored 45.52-carat diamond. It is said that the stone contains traces of boron atoms, which is responsible for its striking rare blue color. Believed to have originated from the Golkonda mines in Southern India, the diamond has been owned and worn by several famous figures and imperials across the globe. Interestingly, this diamond has a long history of mystery – it is believed that the diamond has brought a deadly curse upon its owners, throughout its history.

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

This stunning 18-carat gold necklace features a pattern like branches of a tree, embedded with a total of 407.48-carat diamonds, which are cut into different shaped pieces, placed at the end of each branch. The striking pattern has made the necklace an eye-catcher. But the central attraction of the necklace is its pendant, which is a big pear-shaped gorgeous yellow diamond with flawless quality. Crafted by Swiss company Mouawad, the L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace is valued at $55 million.

Chopard’s 201 Carat Watch

Time is money indeed! Positioned among the top three most valuable wristwatches in the world, the 201-carat watch by Chopard is a truly breathtaking piece. The gorgeous watch is embellished with a cluster of 874 multicolored dazzling diamonds, which equates, yes you’ve got it, 201 carats. Surrounding the stone-studded dial, there are three big heart-shaped diamonds with white, pink, and blue hues. This watch is not just for timekeeping, but a truly elegant piece to possess if you can invest $25 million.