90s Country Club Mom Still Fascinates the Fashion Lovers

The world of luxury fashion is concentrating its recent trends over the fascination of ‘90s country club mom styling. Style-icons like Hillary Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap still rule the fashion industry with full sets of think pieces perfect for the sublimating tired tropes of ‘white wealth’.

The Styling

Fashionistas born after the ‘90s are obsessed with the country club mom looks and embraces the subtle styling with thoughtfully adorned mixed and matched clothing. Careful pairing of footwear and other accessories like watches, pieces of jewelry, handbags, hats, scarfs, etc. is also a necessary part of completing the timeless #richmom vibe. A pastel shade tennis dress can be paired with a printed scarf and a Cartier Tank watch, or a well-worn Hermes Kelly handbag can go with a casual button-down and clean white sneakers. You can also style a tweed mini skirt with a neat button-down and a pair of flats. The office look can be completed with a structured jacket over a formal shirt and paired with Prada loafers. Gold and diamond minimal jewelry can add the final bling.

The Essence

The true essence of this classic country club mom style is creating a timeless effect by investing one time in carefully made classy key pieces and wearing them repetitively, which helps to create a unique style statement. This repetitive use also allows the pieces to develop a beautiful patina over time, which ultimately brings a distinctive character into the apparel. This sustainable fashion ethos is also worth adopting even today, to reduce over-production and related hazards.

Oversized Dresses to Rock in Summer 2020

Summer months + summer dresses = absolute bliss, right? That’s just how science works, friends. When the sun starts to shine, and the weather starts to warm up, there’s absolutely no excuse for not having at least one summer dress in your closet. These dresses are floaty, comfortable, and perfect for picnics in the park. This summer, it’s all about the oversized dresses, y’all.

The Oversized Maxi Dress

If you’re the kind of person that loves to feel like the belle of the ball during the summer months, then you probably love a maxi dress. After all, it’s the perfect way to pretend that you’re a princess wearing a cape with all of that material around you. Thankfully, summer 2020 means that you can have even more material to bring your dream to life, as oversized maxi dresses are now all the rage. Whether you choose plain, floral, or another pattern, it’s gonna look awesome.

The Oversized White Dress

We’ve all heard of the LBD, but have you ever heard of the OWD? Okay, you might need to say it a few times to really add it to your personal dictionary, but the oversized white dress is the staple that every sun-worshipper needs. Sure, it might be a little risky when eating a hot dog, but those are the risks you take when looking absolutely stunning.

The Oversized Shirt Dress

Looking for the perfect outfit to take you from office-chic to rooftop-bar-bliss? An oversized shirt dress will probably tick all of your boxes. Whether you buy an actual oversized shirt dress or whether you just buy a large men’s shirt is up to you, but we can guarantee that wearing this as a dress will not only be comfortable but also super stylish. Pai it with heels, pair it with sandals or pair it with some Crocs if you’re that way inclined.

Summer 2020 is going to be awesome thanks to oversized dresses!