You’ll Totally Dig These 70s Trends That Are Making A Serious Comeback

We may be embracing the modern world, but that doesn’t mean that we’re keeping things modern in the fashion world. In fact, it seems as though we love nothing more than jumping into our time machine and heading back in time to embrace fashion trends of the past. Right now, it’s all about the ‘70s – and we have a feeling that you’ll totally dig these 70s trends that are making a serious comeback.


There are so many jeans in this world, and they all have their moment to shine. Right now, bell-bottoms are shining bright like a diamond. Designers are embracing the flared leg, and it seems as though you can’t really go too big with this style. Team your bell-bottoms with a tailored blazer and your favorite high heels, and you’ve got an awesome outfit on your hands.


Although there are many people out there who thought that clogs would never come back into fashion, it seems as though they were wrong. Clogs are now all the rage, and they have rocked the runway this year. They allow you to add a seriously retro vibe to your outfit, but they can also be used with various different scenarios. Rocking some jeans? Wear your clogs? Have you opted for a summer dress? Time to whip out the clogs.


Back in the day, your parents probably loved to wear their overalls. After all, they were comfy and super stylish during the 1970s – and they have now come back with a bang. Whether you want to try some denim overalls or would rather a patterned pair, there’s no doubt about the fact that overalls are one of the 70s trends we can really get behind.

The 1970s saw some incredible fashion trends rear their head, and while they waved goodbye to their fans a few years later, they have now come back to greet the 2020 fashionistas again.

Formal and Semi-Formal Dresses for Any Occasion Under $100

It’s that time of year again when our inbox (or mailbox, for those of you who are not using the web) is flooded with invitations varying from weddings, bachelorette parties, prom announcements, engagement parties, to showers of every kind. As a result of this overwhelming amount of social gatherings, the problem we’re all facing at this point is that there’s nothing to wear and, well – our budgets struggle to accommodate it all. Not to mention, you just might get caught recycling the same dress each year on social media – so just don’t! 

Fortunately, there’s a way to dress your best without breaking the bank. Take a look at our top four fancy dresses for any occasion – all under $100.

Dress To Impress

This green teal satin dress from ASOS is only $72 and it’ll definitely turn everyone’s heads. It’s suitable for a wedding or a fancy cocktail party…and it’s a show-stopper for sure! With heeled sandals or black pumps, you can wear it at any spring or summer event.


All-Purpose Dress

There’s nothing better than a long maxi dress with flower prints to start off the season. This all-purpose dress from Plum Pretty Sugar is only $74. Spice it up with high heels, sandals or flats, and this dress can be transformed from formal to casual easily.


Formal And Semi-Formal

Nordstrom Rack has a variety of dresses for different occasions. This black dress is what you always needed to have in your closet. It costs only $29.97 but still looks fancy, so wear it for formal or semi-formal events paired with heels or platforms. They’ll give the look some extra legs for days!


Golden Beauty

This golden yellow satin dress is perfect for a beach wedding or a garden party. With this sun-kissed look from Lulu, you can make a grand entrance at any event looking like a million bucks when the dress is only $92. Not too shabby compared to all those expensive designer dresses out there. Just add some chic heels and you’re good to go!


We hope this makes your shopping spree less challenging and more fun…good luck and have a ball!