3 Fashion Trends to Take 2022 by Storm

Amidst our pandemic-induced, sweatpants-depended regular life, designers are taking an optimistic approach for the future of fashion. This year’s standout season trends are going to be a blend of elevated basics and nostalgic looks. From runway-ready to hallway-savvy, here are a few wardrobe refresh styles to make a front-seat comeback this year. Brace yourself.

Dopamine Dressing

Bringing on the kaleidoscopic fashion under the limelight, the bold color blocks and vibrant cheerful shades have dominated the runways of spring/ summer 2022. The new trend of dopamine dressing or simply joyful attire provides an escape from worldly reality into our closets, literally and figuratively, too! Named after the happy hormones released by our brains, this bespoke style can be the perfect booster dose after the long lockdown. It feels good to wear your heart on your sleeves! Doesn’t it?


Iridescent accents were overall the fashion runways last year, especially in the form of faux and real pearls. Apparently, the love of this gleaming gem is still young. This year, Pearlcore has emerged as the fashion lovechild of classic nostalgia and accentuated modernization. The headbands, handbags, knit pieces, booties, nail accents, wedding décor, and many other accessories are peppered with pearls. These subtle embellishments have transforming abilities. So, get ready to rock 2022 with pearls on edgy denim wear or gorgeous sheer.

Pleated Skirts

Pleats are not just for Ivy League enthusiasts anymore. Our favorite folds are returning and making a big comeback this year. Instead of its classic schoolgirl vibes, the playful pleats of 2022 are taking a more grown-up look, with hi-end iterations like Dior’s feminine miniskirts or Proenza Schouler’s elegant maxis. Be it midi-length tight pleats or short pieces with wider pleats, this trendy style oozes femininity with every fold! So, this year, going girly with edgy vintage pleats is about to dominate the fashion highway trends.

The Top 3 Luxury Fashion Websites to Shop for Designer Clothes

Women wearing trendy clothes
The Top 3 Luxury Fashion Websites to Shop for Designer Clothes

Shopping for clothes online surely can be fun. Some people even consider it to be therapeutic. Whether you are looking to browse through the latest runway collections as a fan of high-end fashion or you want to treat yourself, luxury fashion websites are where you should go.

Luxury Fashion Websites Can Be Fun

Think of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Neverfull Tote or Hermès’ classic Birkin bags – even though they have been around for many years and their designs have stayed the same, they are still highly sought after and popular.

Here are some of the best luxury fashion websites that ship worldwide.


Net-A-Porter website
The Top 3 Luxury Fashion Websites to Shop for Designer Clothes

The website was founded in 2000 in London. Net-A-Porter is one of the several mainstream luxury fashion websites on the list and there is surely a reason for this. This marketplace boasts over 200 premium beauty brands, 800 designer brands, and ships to more than 170 countries. New items arrive on the website three times a week and bestsellers are frequently restocked. So, people can basically browse the Net-A-Porter website all day long and go through thousands of luxury bags, shoes, accessories, and clothes until they find their favorite items.


Farfetch website
The Top 3 Luxury Fashion Websites to Shop for Designer Clothes

Founded and owned by José Neves, who is a Portuguese billionaire, Farfetch operates from the UK and ships over 1,300 luxury designer brands to over 170 countries. This website is so reputable that it was even selected as the exclusive online retailer for the summer collection of FENTY, Rihanna’s fashion line.


MyTheresa website
The Top 3 Luxury Fashion Websites to Shop for Designer Clothes

This website is one of the major high-end online marketplaces alongside Net-A-Porter and Farfetch. It has over 800 employees and a great presence of over thirty years in the industry. Over the years, MyTheresa has partnered with renowned female fashion designers for the launch of their exclusive capsule collections, including Tory Burch, McCartney, and Gabriela Hearst.

If you are worried about whether or not the items on the above-mentioned websites are authentic, don’t worry, these marketplaces work closely with fashion houses so they can secure legitimate accessories and clothing items. Happy shopping!