3 Recycled Clothing Brands to Check Out in 2022

Recycled clothing is a huge trend in the contemporary global fashion landscape; it improves your style statement and reduces your carbon footprint, all at the same time. Recycled clothes are garments made by repurposing and reusing materials and textiles from damaged, worn-out and old clothes. It may sound unimpressive, but the finished apparels mostly turn out to be true statement pieces, thanks to the creative and imaginative brands behind their making. Here are a few fashion-forward brands worth checking out for their sustainable range of clothes.

Athleta: Best Plus-Sized Recycled Clothing

Athleta is an inclusive body-positive brand that offers the highest quality clothing to women of all ages and body shapes. It’s one of the only athleisure brands to incorporate a women-only fitness line. They have a range of the highest quality loungewear and yoga pieces, suitable for both styling and performance activities. The luxurious signature fabric of the brand is made from recycled cotton. With their amazing plus-size line, Athleta is leading the brands in terms of creating a social impact.

Urban Outfitters: Best Vintage Recycled Clothing

Even though they are new in the market, Urban Outfitters has made a name for itself with its affordable and upcycled vintage clothing range called Urban Renewal. A dedicated team of designers and craftsmen recovers and sorts through surplus materials, discarded or unused outfits, and then turns them into recycled clothing materials, stylishly revamping the brand’s headstock. That’s why the pieces of the range are created in limited numbers, securing the originality and authenticity of the source material.

Mara Hoffman: Best Designer Recycled Clothing

Mara Hoffman is a recognizable name in the fashion world. Her eponymous sustainable clothing label is known for its unexpected whimsical details inspired by the designer’s personal reflections on travels and mythology. Exuding a bright, colorful, and playful aesthetic, the richly textured and understated pieces of the brand oozes feminine power, with abstract art, punchy prints, and tribal patterns. The extensive recycled collections of Mara Hoffman are crafted from eco-friendly and sustainable materials created by New York City’s expert artisans.

Learn About the Ways Vogue Editors Shop Vintage Clothes and Accessories

There’s no denying that the trend of getting pre-loved clothes and accessories has been on the rise in recent years. And with some of the gorgeous vintage finds you can get your hands on, how can such a trend not be this popular? Well, it seems that editors at Vogue are no strangers to bulking up their wardrobes with evergreens.

Fashion News Director Chioma Nnadi Buys Vintage Online

Chioma Nnadi Buys Vintage Online
Learn About the Ways Vogue Editors Shop Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Although she prefers getting her fix of pre-owned clothes on the internet (places like The RealReal), Chioma also has favorite spots in Paris, L.A., and London. She is into groovy prints and the neo-bohemian styles of the late 90s.

Experiences Editor Jasmine Contomichalos Avoids Pre-Owned Shoes

Jasmine Contomichalos
Learn About the Ways Vogue Editors Shop Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Although she loves everything vintage, Jasmine has a strict rule to never wear pre-owned shoes, hats, and intimates. She once bought a Dior bikini and gravely regrets it, so there’s no chance that you’ll find any of these in her closet. Jasmine’s approach to shopping for pre-loved clothes is to shop for entire outfits and accessories, so she has a complete look in the end. Of course, it doesn’t always come out as planned, but still, she tries.

Associate Market Editor Naomi Elizee Lets Her Mood Decide

Naomi Elizee
Learn About the Ways Vogue Editors Shop Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Like many women, Naomi too relies on her mood of the day to dictate how she styles herself, no matter if it’s a vintage or a modern outfit. Since she lives in Brooklyn, Elizzee gets most of her pre-owned clothes and accessories from Beacon’s Closet and The Break.

Stylist Alex Harrington Loves Exploded Proportions

Alex Harrington
Learn About the Ways Vogue Editors Shop Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Alex is a stylist at Vogue, and his signature style is hard to go unnoticed. Like he often says, it’s all about big proportions and nothing small. It’s what makes him feel comfortable. His favorite vintage fashion period was the ’20s because whatever was trendy then is pretty much considered modern now.