Vogue Gives Nike Sneaker Its Sign Of Approval

There is nothing like getting the fashion approval from the lady herself, Editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour. Apparently, the most powerful four letters in the Vogue offices are: AWOK – meaning Anna Wintour has scribbled her OK for a story, and in permanent black ink.

The dreaded response from Anna, meanwhile, is “See me.” Just recently, however, Anna Wintour scribbled AWOK all over Nike’s Jordan Brand when they asked Vogue to collaborate on a line of Air Jordans.


This summer, four different styles of the Air Jordans will be rolling out until fall after Wintour gave her signature of approval. With tweedy, metallic-flecked outers, and glossy patent leather-like heel tabs, the sneakers are bringing a whole new game to the name of fashion.

Rather than just working their magic on the basketball court, they will work the same wonders when worn on the red carpet, meaning celebrities will have the fashionable choice for comfort.


If they weren’t certain on this decision, then all they have to do is kick back, put their feet up and look on the soles of the shoe. There they will see it – Vogue’s stamp of approval. What more else do they need?

If it’s good enough for Anna Wintour, then it’ll certainly be good for anyone else in the fashion world. Just think of it as the Christian Louboutin’s answer to sneakers, the soles speak volumes, and these will be some of the most in-demand sneakers out there.


From September 7, the Air Jordan 2 SE AWOK, in red tweed and glittering back, will be available for purchase, and not only at Nike. Hirshleifers, Kith, Nordstrom x Nike, and North American Jumpman Doors will all be holding the exclusive pair of Nikes.

With the release in just a matter of weeks, it is time to make room for your new and fashionable kicks.