This Show Company Is Releasing Harry Potter Themed Shoes And Everyone Is Going Wild

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Harry Potter is the greatest franchise in the world. You know it’s true. The magic of Hogwarts and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has put smiles on the faces of millions of people across the globe, and it’s fair to say that they won’t be fading anytime soon. While there is more Harry Potter merchandise than we can count out and about, this is the only Harry Potter collaboration you should be thinking about right now. That’s right. Vans + Harry Potter = Pure magic.

Vans Are Bringing Out Harry Potter Themed Shoes And Everyone Is Going Wild

Wearing The House Colors

If you’re a Harry Potter fan (everyone is, right?), there’s a high chance that you already have some magical-inspired garments in your closet. You might have a scarf in your house colors, you might have a cloak that you definitely wear every single day, and you might even have dress robes for the special occasions in your life. Hopefully, they’re a bit nicer than Ron’s, though. But do you have any Harry Potter inspired shoes in your life? Well, now you can.

Collaborating With The Best

Over the years, Vans has become one of the most famous sneaker brands in the world, and they have definitely kept up with the times. As well as offering their own designs, this company has teamed up with some of the greatest themes within the world of popular culture. They have released Disney sneakers, they have released Marvel sneakers, they have released David Bowie sneakers, and now they are moving onto something much more magical.

Vans Are Bringing Out Harry Potter Themed Shoes And Everyone Is Going Wild

A Magical Collection

While not much is known about this new collaboration, Vans has confirmed that it’s currently in the works. It’s believed that these shoes will take inspiration from the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. This means that you can rep your house badge wherever you go in the world, and maybe even find other members of your house out and about in the street. Unfortunately, that’s all Vans have given away so far, but we have a feeling that these shoes are going to be extremely popular.

This Show Company Is Releasing Harry Potter Themed Shoes And Everyone Is Going Wild

If these shoes sound right up your Diagon Alley, then you can sign up to receive updates on the collection from the official Vans website. If they’re anything like previous collaborations, they will sell that hot cauldron cakes within minutes.

25 Simple Pet Hacks That Will Make Life Easier For Any Pet Owner

Scratch Pad For The Door

As most dog owners know, dogs need to be trained in order to avoid many of the more common issues that we tend to experience with them. One of the most annoying happens to be scratching on the door! They are also instinctively trained to do so, every time they see one of us open a door. To them, scratching is like knocking on a door, so by putting up a scratch pad, you can prevent your door from being scratched incessantly.

Scratch Pad Front Door

Collars That Keep Your Dog From Escpaing

This one is particularly useful for owners of small dog breeds. It’s a pretty ingenious invention that acts as an extendable bar that essentially prevents your dog from escaping through any bars by blocking them if they try. This is ideal if you live in an apartment with a high balcony or simply worry about your dog running away. This way, you can rest assured that your pooch will be safe and at home – plus they barely notice it.

Escape Prevention Collars

Double-sided Tape Prevents Cat Scratches

There’s nothing worse than coming home only to find your couch, chairs, loose clothes, and pillows have all been scratched by your cat! In most cases, getting a scratching pad for them to use will help to ease the need to scratch furniture, but if it doesn’t, try putting double-sided tape on things that they scratch most often. Cats tend to avoid things that are sticky, so when they feel the tape, they’ll likely avoid the surface altogether.

Double-sided Tape Prevents Cat Scratches

Make Creative Dog Treats

This is a pretty ingenious way to keep your dog satisfied for hours on end. The trick is quite simple – all you need is a box cutter, a tennis ball, and some of your pets favorite treats. Simply cut a small hole in the tennis ball about an inch in size, then fill it with some of your pet’s favorite treats. Be sure not to put too many in, or they’ll fall out when your pet starts playing with it.

Creative Dog Treat

Icy Treats To Help Cool Off

Believe it or not, but dogs love frozen treats just as much as the rest of us do. This fun little hack will keep them cool and occupied for hours on end. To make these treats, all you need to do is put some water and their favorite toys into a cake mold and stick it in the freezer. Watch as your pets lick away to get to the treats inside! It’s a great way to help them cool off on a hot day.

Icy Treats

Balls Help With Eating Problems

Believe it or not, but dogs can suffer from eating disorders. In most cases, it’s a variation of either eating too much, or too little. Either way, this trick helps to solve both problems. It’s also ridiculously simple. All you need to do is put a ball that your pet enjoys playing with into the food bowl. If they eat too little, they’ll be enticed to hang around the bowl more often (and eat more). If they eat too much, then this will slow them down a little.

Ball In Food Bowl

Simple Laundry Basket Dog Bed

Many times, people tend to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a carefully created and well-decorated dog or cat bed. Ultimately though, the truth is that most pets, whether dogs or cats, don’t really mind sleeping anywhere – just so long as it’s comfortable and cozy. So, to save some cash, simply use a washing basket, put a blanket in it, and then a pillow. Your pet will be snoozing soundly in a matter of moments.

Simple Laundry Basket Dog Bed

Grow Your Own Catnip

What is a cat without its catnip? This stuff will make any cat the happiest creature on earth for around 10 minutes, then they’ll likely go and pass out for a while. The secret is a chemical known as nepetalactone. This activates a part of the cat’s brain that is usually associated with everything from hunger to sexual responses. In short, it’s the easiest way to keep your cat calm and happy without much trouble – basically, a cat owner’s dream!

Grow Catnip

Carabiner To Hold Leashes Together Or In Place

If you’re out with your dog, or own many dogs, you should always have a steady supply of carabiners lying around. These things are a lot more useful than most people tend to imagine. This is a great hack for if you need to keep your dog tied up. Simply wrap their leash around a pole and use the carabiner to fasten both sides together. This also helps to keep many leashes together, if you have more than one dog.

Carabina Leash

Dog Food Drawer

This is an ingenious idea, but will certainly require a lot more creativity and energy than some of the simpler hacks on this list. In many homes, it’s commonplace to keep the dog’s food and water in the kitchen. However, this can also be messy and troublesome. So, to save space and create a neater kitchen, try installing a dog food drawer in the kitchen. That way, you can simply pull out the drawer when it’s feeding time, and close it afterward!

Dog Food Drawer

Create A DIY Cat Tent

Cats are really curious little creatures. They love finding tiny nooks and crannies to squeeze themselves into. However, a simple tent will likely work just as well. All you need is a 15″x15″ piece of cardboard, two metal coathangers, and a shirt. Cut the hooks off the coathangers and bend them to form a double arch. Then fix them to the cardboard and seal them down, pull the shirt over and voila – instant cat tent!

Create A DIY Cat Tent

Ant-proof Outdoor Food

Having outdoor pets can be fun, but leaving food outdoors for your pet can be problematic. The reason for this is simple: ants! They will get into your pet’s food and either eat it up, or your pet won’t eat if it knows there are ants in the food. So, to prevent this, draw a line of chalk around your food and place it on a plate with a little water. This will keep the ants at bay!

Antproof Outdoor Food

Using Vaseline To Ease Discomfort

While a dog’s paws are designed to be tough and leathery for good reason, the truth is that they can still get sore under temperatures that are either too hot or too cold. While this doesn’t happen very often, taking your dog for long walks can cause discomfort or pain. So, in order to prevent this from happening (and the vet bills that may come with it), the best idea is to put a little Vaseline on the bottom of their feet before walking.

Vaseline Feet

Play Fetch Uphill

If you own a small breed of dog, you’ll know how energetic they can be. There’s nothing worse for a pet than being left at home all day with nothing better to do than lie around. So, when you get home from work, if you don’t have the energy to take your dog out on a long walk, simply play fetch with him uphill. This will help to release all that pent up energy and help tire it out sooner.

Play Fetch Uphill

Use Regular Shampoo Often

A lot of people tend to think that you need a specialized shampoo to treat your dogs. This may be true if they’re experiencing a flea infestation or some other kind of skin condition, but in most cases, regular shampoo will do just fine. All you need to do is mix the shampoo with water before use (usually one part shampoo to four parts water) and you’ll get great results from the first wash.

Use Regular Shampoo Often

Put Dog’s Bed In A Drawer

As an addition to the dog food drawer, we listed earlier, this idea plays off the same motif – except for a dog bed. The dog drawer is not only a great way to save space around your home and keep it looking neat but will give your dog a neat and cozy bed at the same time. To do this, all you need to do is take out the drawers or shelves from a dresser and you can stick a dog bed inside discretely.

Dog Drawer

DIY Dog Toys From Socks & Water Bottles

This is a really clever and cost-effective dog toy that will keep him or her occupied for hours on end. All you need is an old sock and an empty water bottle. In order to make the toy, simply put the water bottle in the sock and then tie a knot at the top of it. That’s it – an almost free dog toy! However, we would recommend that you use this for smaller breeds, as larger breeds will likely break it quite soon.

Clever Dog Toy

Use A Squeegee For Pet Hair

While we all love having pets and letting them roam around our homes freely like they own the place, the truth is that shedding can be a real nightmare! There’s nothing worse than watching your favorite furniture get turned into a hairy, smelly pet bed over time. So, to prevent this, be sure to regularly use a squeegee to help pull loose pet hairs off your furniture. This is a lot cheaper than a lint roller and works like a charm!

Use A Squeegee For Pet Hair

Invest In A Spill-proof Bowl

This is another pretty ingenious invention that we highly recommend for dog owners. Anyone who has traveled long distances with the family pooch before will know how much of trouble feeding them and letting them drink can be while in transit. So, by using one of these cleverly designed spill-proof bowls, you can let your dog drink comfortably and not have to worry about the mess! Well, we’d still recommend that you put down some newspaper and plastic in case they have an accident.

Spillproof bowl

Use A Dog Harness For Driving

This is another creative invention that is ideal for people who have energetic dogs. In most cases, we’d simply advise you to travel with them less if they’re clearly nervous about being in a car for too long. But when that isn’t an option, you can always try using a roof rack strap, a carabiner, and a dog harness to latch them safely in place. This way, they’re limited to the back seat only and won’t disturb the driver of the vehicle.

Use A Dog Harness

Make Pill Pockets For Medication

If you’ve ever tried to give your dog a pill, you’ll know how difficult it can be! Dogs tend to only eat things that they’re familiar with or that really intrigue their sense of smell. Unfortunately, pills and medication don’t fall into that category. So, instead of trying to force it down their throat, the easiest thing to do is buy or make your own pill pockets. These clever little treats help to hide the pill inside of them, and taste delicious!

Use Pill Pockets

Use Essential Oils Often

If you live in an area that is near large, grassy fields or close to sand, there’s a high chance that your dog will develop a flea, mite, or tick infection at some point. In order to prevent this from happening, be sure to apply a lot of essential oil to your dog’s coat on a regular basis. Use a combination of lavender, sage, and eucalyptus essential oils on your dog’s coat to keep the pesky pests at bay.

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Feed Them Parsley For Bad Breath

If your dog suffers from particularly bad breath, you should always try breath mints or brushing his/her teeth first as a means of practicing good oral hygiene. However, there are also a ton of homeopathic treatments that you can try cheaply to ensure that their breath is fresher. Using parsley in their food is a good way to neutralize the odor in their mouths and helps to kill off bacteria at the same time. Just be sure to use a lot of it!

Parsley Breath

Green Tea Litter Eliminates Smells

This is actually a much older technique than many of us realize, but has come back into fashion. It used to be quite fashionable to use soybeans as a cat litter in the past, however, in more recent years, manufacturers have started blending green tea extracts with kitty litter to help create better-smelling litter boxes. While there are ways to create your own, this hack simply recommends switching to green tea litter for a better smelling home and pet!

Green Tea Litter Box

Inflatable Pool For Summer

During the hot summer months, there’s nothing your pooch will love more than being able to have a nice, cool, and relaxing swim. However, if you’re not lucky enough to have a large pool in your backyard or don’t live close to the ocean, a lake, or a river, then a simple inflatable or portable play pool will do just fine! Let your pooch cool off in one of these and they’ll be happier than ever!

Inflatable Pool For Summer