The Slippers That Would Totally Be Work Appropriate

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish exactly what a slipper is. After all, Uggs were commonly worn as slippers when they first came onto the market, but then its world domination found many ladies and gentlemen wearing them as a fashionable pair of boots.

While the comfortable boots are probably not deemed so office appropriate, there are some comfy and fashionable slippers, you may just get away with.


Gucci, $995

If you haven’t seen this Gucci pair before then, we’re not too sure where you have been. With celebrities and work colleagues alike sporting this elegant pair of slippers, we fail to see how you have missed them. Versatile enough from date-night to office meetings, they make for the perfect slippers and are certainly fit enough for the workplace.


Birdies, $140

If Meghan Markle can wear them, then that means they have the royal approval. Well, soon enough. This easy pair of slippers can be worn with almost anything so are a definite investment.


Mahabis, $110

No one will believe you when you tell them these Scandinavian-inspired silhouettes are actually slippers. So, go have fun with your co-workers and see how many can recognize a slipper when they see one.


L.L. Bean, $69

If it is not a giveaway already, these mountain slippers have got their name for obvious reasons. Forget socks in snow boots, just get yourself a pair of these, and you’re ready for the harshest of weather.


Ugg, $51

We couldn’t just ignore the Ugg on this list, but for a more classic leather look, these Ugg’s can be worn with jeans or a midi skirt and be office approved.


Saks, $40

What millennial list would be complete with a mention of avocado toast? Not even when it comes to speaking about slippers, and this makes the hot food trend look even more appealing.