Are Shearling Sandals the Alternative for Chunky Boots?

It can be hard to find footwear that is both comfy and fashionable, but it looks like we finally have a solution to this problem. These new shearling sandals are not just pretty to look at but are really comfy for one’s feet. For days when you’re not in the mood to boot up, these sandals can come in handy. Whether you’re going grocery shopping or to pilates class, these are a great choice.

Shearling Crisscross Sandals

The first on the list is this gorgeous pair of shearling crisscross sandals by Prada. These Fussbett sandals will definitely be a great addition to one’s footwear collection. The neat look of these sandals would make it easy for one to pair them with any look. The texture of the sandal will give that perfect soft touch to your feet. They are available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $1020.

Shearling Suede Sandals

The next option that you can check out is from the Arizona shearling line by Birkenstock. It has the perfect balance of shearling and leather. It also comes with adjustable straps for one’s convenience. The extra-cozy base and shearling line on the fine-quality suede leather straps make them a great choice for a chilly winter day. To grab a pair of this classic, you can head up to NET-A-PORTER and get them for $160.

Fluff Shearling Sandals

The fluffy shearling sandals by Miu Miu would be an amazing option to match one’s playful yet fashionable personality. There is no such thing as too much shearling, and this pair is an example of it. With shearling on the base as well as on the wide straps and rubber soles, someone might feel like they are walking on clouds. The fluffy pair is available at Moda Operandi for $995.

The Shearling Slides

These shearling sliders are the result of a collaboration between Gucci and The North Face. The known brands have kept it simple when it comes to the design of the sliders, with a big logo of both brands on the wide strap. The shearling base with a rubber sole is extra soft and can be bought from Matchesfashion for $890.

Dyed Shearling Slippers

These nicely trimmed shearling slippers by Ugg Scuffita are really comfy and a fashion statement. These cream-colored slip-ons are more stylishly appropriate. You can pair them with a sundress or with a skirt and blouse as you wish. Go on a date or go shopping; they are suitable for every occasion. One can grab a pair at Saks Fifth Avenue for $90.

5 Shoes That People Adored Just as Much as Carrie Bradshaw

SATC’s Carrie Bradshaw and shoes are like peanut butter and jelly, inseparable. It is difficult to imagine one without the other. Every scene she was in, she wore a different but gorgeous pair of shoes and strut around New York with the confidence of a queen. Carrie was the very person who was ready to give up all her valuable at gunpoint but her shoes. But which ones do you remember best? Let us take you down memory lane by featuring a few of them.

Go-go booties

These black and white boots look amazing in any bright-colored top. In fact, in the SATC series, she even wore them with a bright red top, a layered skirt, and a black jacket. How many people would have been confident enough to wear that combination? Not many, we are guessing.

Black cutout heels

These gladiator sandals by Christian Dior first made an appearance in the SATC movie, in 2008. SJR alone could’ve pulled off this combination of these heavy, bold, and dark-hued shoes with that gorgeous and delicate dress in white and gold. She dared to sport something so adventurous and looked stunning too. Others would’ve probably chosen something strappy or dainty. And that’s exactly what makes her the legendary Carrie Bradshaw.

Yellow peep-toe sandals

The yellow peep-toes were a simple pair of heels. They were not as high as pumps and would feel like you were wearing your first pair of heels. You can definitely wear it for a party with a color-coordinated dress just like Carrie Bradshaw wore in SATC. With the ‘90s and ‘00s fashion making a comeback, these heels should definitely become part of your wardrobe.

Clear mules

We all remember when Carrie met Bid at the Boathouse before they partook in a little spontaneous swimming. She wore these clear mules. While that was a memorable episode, the shoes were even more memorable. She taught many a lesson that no matter what activity you indulge in, you must always have your A-game and wear the best shoes.

Manolo Blahnik blue stilettos

This pair of stilettos can now be considered the replacement for Cinderella’s glass slippers. These are the very same pair of shoes that she left in her apartment she shared with Big. You cannot leave behind shoes like that! However, when she went back to get them, she did not leave the apartment being re-engaged to Big. No wonder these Manolos shot to fame and are considered to be no less than magic and are now a best seller for the designer brand.