Men Can Now Grab Themselves A Pair Of Heels From This Instagram Shop

If you could guess any place in the United States that would be selling heels for men, where would you choose? You guessed it, it’s Brooklyn, of course. Henry Bae and Shaobo Han are the founders of Syro, an Instagram shop that makes heels for men.

Gone are the days of feeling envious of women tottering down the street in a sky high pair of stilettos thanks to these guys. Many men might be asking themselves if they could even walk in the heels before purchasing a pair, but the founders of the company insist that all you need to rock these is confidence and self love.


Both Bae and Han are very aware of the attention that comes along with the shoes, but in a time where gender fluidity and equality for all is on the rise, there is no better time to sell them.

The brand was born when Bae worked in the footwear industry straight out of college and explained, “It dawned on me that ‘men’ with large feet like mine had very limited (read: nonexistent) choice in regards to femme footwear. When the time came that we decided to create these shoes for ourselves, it was clear that our very existence would be our mission.”


It is no surprise that the guys receive all different kinds of attention. Bae noted, “The notion that my heels are a ‘bold’ fashion statement doesn’t register until I leave the house and walk three blocks to my nearest train station to get to wherever I’m going. Along these three blocks, I will get attention. Some inquisitive stares. Some teenage boys laughing. Some teenage girls yaaassssing.”

Han added that “The more people stare at me, the more powerful I feel.”


For the entrepreneurs, the heels are much more than fashion statement and Han insisted, “Wearing heels is an active statement. It is both my armor and shield against patriarchy. I don’t think it grounds me, I think it actually does the opposite. It enables me to be larger than life, and for others to see that femininity should be celebrated.”