Havaianas Are Back And Not Just For The Beach

For decades they have been considered perfect footwear for the beach, perhaps not even seen in the winter months, and a good choice for a picnic. However, it seems that flipflops are the emerging trend in fashion currently. In fact, according to the likes of Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars, Birkenstocks are a thing of the past, and Havaianas are all the rage.


In fact, it is now believed that flip-flops can be a fancy option when paired with your stylish outfits. Even when there are many colors, fabrics, and hues to work with, flip-flops continue to work somehow, and Copenhagen and New York’s Fashion Weeks proved this even more so.

Last September, Kendall Jenner, one of the top supermodels of the moment, took to the Michael Kors runway in black flip-flops. Moreover, Rihanna went for a heeled take at Fendy x Puma, and Marc Jacobs offered us embellished platform versions.


While we can understand the Havaiana trend, having had the same pair for over a decade, proving its sustainability, we may not be dedicating our entire summer outfits to the popular flip-flop. However, with so much support for the durable footwear, we are willing to give it a shot. Rather than just wearing them to avoid any feet nasties, we can see them going well with a slogan T-shirt and flared jeans.


Moreover, a slinky summer dress with a pair of flip-flops will be giving us so many summer vibes we may have to try this out more than once. With the wide variety of colors, it is hard to be left without a good choice, or have the self-restraint to buy more than one pair! Before we know it, vacation dressing will be something we’re all doing at home, and we are all for the summer feels throughout the whole year.