Finally! Heels You Can Wear Comfortably All Day

Ladies, we all know that pain and agony. You go to the store to shop for shoes. You find an adorable pair of heels. They’re just the right style and color to match with that new dress you just bought.

You try them on and walk around the store a bit. Sure, the heel feels a bit high. Yes, your toes feel a bit squished. But they’re not that¬†bad, so you decide that just a bit of pain is totally manageable and you ring up the shoes at the checkout counter.

The day to wear your new outfit finally comes. You excitedly strap on your new heels and head out to your friend’s wedding. You get tons of compliments on your new shoes and know you made a good purchase. But slowly, as the night goes on and you go from cocktail hour to the dance floor, you can no longer ignore the throbbing pain you feel. You know tomorrow is going to bring blisters. You should have known. This happens every time!

Well, fear no more, my dears. We’ve found the solution. Apparently, it is actually possible to find heels that are both stylish and comfortable. Check out some of our favorites.

Sole Society Heels

The soft fabric of these neutrally colored heels will stop the straps from digging into your heels and help prevent blisters. Not to mention they’re ultra classy and can be worn with tons of colors and outfits!

Prada Heels

Want the height of a high heel without the pain of a stiletto? look no further. These Prada heels give you a nice boost, but their 1.3-inch wide platform makes them quite comfortable.

Alice + Olivia Lori Sandals

The Instagram-worthy heeled sandals are perfect for summer and can be dressed up or down. With their wide, short heel, they’re also super easy to throw on and walk around in all day.