3D Puffer Sneakers by Rains and Zellerfeld Will Change the Footwear Industry

3D Printed Shoes

Rains has officially launched its first 3D-printed Puffer Sneakers by collaborating with the leading 3D printing company, Zellerfeld. The sneakers debuted by walking down the aisle of the AW23 Runway show in Paris. These shoes are one of a kind, providing an organic shape and a sculptured appearance. It features a newly established printed puffer element on the instep, resembling its outer look.

3D Printed Shoes

3D Printed Shoes

The newest puffer sneakers are created using 3D technology, giving them a perfect fit and finesse. Rains express that these puffer elements are made with 90% of air and without doing any labor work. The final product is delivered with a fused latticework sole, providing the utmost comfort to your feet. Also, these sneakers are fully recyclable, as they can be converted into a newer, fresher pair once their lifetime expires. Tanne Vinter, head of design at Rains, stated that these are Rains’ ultimate manifestation of comfortable footwear and applauded Zellerfeld for making the shoe possible. Cornelius Schmitt, co-founder and CEO of Zellerfeld, added that puffer sneakers tremendously complement the power of 3D-printed footwear.

How to Order?

You can visit the Zellerfeld website online to choose from 15 distinctive, customizable designs. The site also allows users to experience the making of these shoes and provide feedback for the process. Due to its washable, quick drying, and odor-resistant properties, the product costs $260 a pair and takes up to 8-12 weeks to reach you. If you want to visit and purchase it straight from the store, you can visit any of Rains’ eight global stores. These puffer sneakers are available in Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Paris, New York, Hamburg, and Shanghai. As a result, these Puffer Sneakers by Rains are bringing out a new era of printed footwear. With their power to provide comfort, durability, and design all in one shoe, they will soon see them in stores near you.

Nike Launches Go FlyEase — the Brand’s First Hands-Free Sneaker

Nike Go FlyEase

The sportswear giant first launched a FlyEase shoe back in 2015. The inspiration behind it came from a 16-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy who sent a letter to Nike in 2012. In it, he shared his dream of going to college without having to worry that someone always had to help tie his shoes. And so the company got to work, and its first laceless adaptive shoe became a reality.

Nike FlyEase Is a Gamechanger for Many

Ever since the first FlyEase shoe, Nike has been tirelessly working to introduce more step-in, zip-up, and pull-tight shoes to help as many people as possible enjoy a hassle-free shoewear experience. And recently, the brand launched its most innovative sneaker to date.

Nike Go FlyEase up close

The Go FlyEase is the company’s first hands-free sneaker designed for athletes with disabilities who struggle with traditional lacing. The shoe has a “kickstand heel” and uses a bi-stable heel hinge, both making it possible to put on and take off without using one’s hands.

Person wearing Nike Go FlyEase and showing how to take them off

The technology leans on the fact that many people use their opposite foot to help them remove shoes. In this case, when you step on the kickstand heel, the footbed pops open, and you can then comfortably put your foot inside. When you want to take the sneaker off, you just have to press the kickstand heel again and the tensioner band and underfoot “diving board” will release their grip.

That’s Just the Beginning for Nike

American Paralympic Sarah Reinersten who is part of Nike’s FlyEase innovations team says that the brand will continue to work in a laceless direction creating more hands-free sneakers. She says that since we’re all living in a “cordless world now,” it’s time to come up with better solutions.

Nike Go FlyEase

The Nike Go FlyEase will be released on February 15 in selected markets, and it will retail for $120.