Luxury Brands Are Selling Products Inspired by Toys From the ’90s

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Nostalgia tends to work in marketing, as people will often buy items they don’t necessarily need now because they remind them of happy childhood memories. Well, luxury brands are starting to tap into that market and have begun to create high-fashion items inspired by toys from the ‘90s.


Pokémon has teamed up with none other than Gucci to create a limited-edition clothing collection that includes clothing and accessories such as shoes and bags. Each one of the wearable items features a Pokémon graphic. Moschino released a similar collection, as did Longchamp.


Tamagotchi also joined the fashion world with Chanel and Louis Vuitton releasing their own versions of the toy. Some of these luxury Tamagotchis are gold-plated, some have precious stones and metals on them – including diamonds – and many feature intricate designs. Chanel made a very limited number of their Tamagotchis, making it a clear statement of luxury. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton incorporated their iconic logo into the toy.

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Time will tell what other beloved toys from our childhood will show up as luxury fashion items. Clearly, if these high-end Pokémon and Tamagotchi products do well, there will be more ‘90s-themed fashion to follow. If you want our opinion – hold out for a slap bracelet or a slinky!

More Than 4,000 Hours of Embroidery Went Into Carey Mulligan’s Traffic-Stopping Schiaparelli Met Gala Gown

More Than 4,000 Hours of Embroidery Went Into Carey Mulligan’s Traffic-Stopping Schiaparelli Met Gala Gown

In designing a custom dress for British actor Carry Mulligan for the Met Gala, Daniel Roseberry, the creative designer of Schiaparelli sought to design haute couture which will trigger a visceral reaction in the wearer. He said for him, couture is a very expressive and gestural process with a universal strength that attracts everyone. Roseberry focused on the complexities and integrated them with futuristic elements.

From Moodboard to Reality

Roseberry’s journey began with a mood board adorned with images of garments featuring large gold paillettes and ornate capes. He was particularly drawn to a black and gold column gown from Schiaparelli’s autumn/winter 2021 couture collection.

Over two months of dedicated work, Schiaparelli’s team spent a collective 4,750 hours meticulously embroidering the gown at their headquarters.

The Muse and the Designer

Roseberry’s early interactions with Carey Mulligan occurred in early 2021, and he was immediately attracted to her chicness, which served as a source of inspiration for him. He sought to create something unique, unlike the typical Schiaparelli style, capturing Mulligan’s lasting appeal.

The Muse and the Designer

Even Mulligan admires Schiaparelli’s ability to maintain art and elegance in all of his work. According to stylist Nicky Yates, her carefully created appearance, which included gold sculptural Schiaparelli earrings, vintage gold rings, and Jimmy Choo shoes, was made up in this manner.

The Met Gala Dress

The dress worn by Mulligan at the MET Gala, created by Daniel Roseberry, is one of the greatest examples of couture art. More than 4,000 hours were spent by Roseberry and his team to embroider the marvelous dress featuring 79,000 gold sequins and 38,000 crystals, and providing emotional resonance with futuristic elegance.

It was different from traditional Schiaparelli aesthetics, providing an ideal match for Mulligan’s timeless elegance. In this context, the collaboration between a legendary actor and a visionary designer illustrates the artistic and elegant style Schiaparelli stands for.