Lululemon Extends Their ‘You Don’t Want To Miss This’ Event

Post-holiday shopping is something that many people do. Whether it’s to spend the gift cards or cash that they received over the holidays, take advantage of the boxing day sales, or just because they like to shop. Stores take advantage of this and often host after-holiday sales. Lululemon, an athletic apparel retailer, is one that routinely hosts their after-holiday sales events, and this year, it’s extended. 

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Lululemon Extends Their ‘You Don’t Want To Miss This’ Event

Lululemon Extends Their After-Holiday Event

Lululemon started the ‘You Don’t Want To Miss This’ event on Boxing Day (December 26th), right after the holidays. Boxing Day is a holiday that is celebrated in countries across the world, and it has nothing to do with shopping, but big-box retailers take advantage of it and host sales that are similar to those on Black Friday. 

Many people have already been enjoying their post-holiday discounts, sales, and specials, but what some might not know is that the athletic brand has extended their event. Not only is it extended, but it also includes some of the latest finds from the brand and some new drops of stylish athleisure. 

What’s Included in the Event

Lululemon' super-luxe leggings
Lululemon Extends Their ‘You Don’t Want To Miss This’ Event

Lululemon is known for the super-luxe leggings, athletic wear, and other accessories. The ‘You Don’t Want To Miss This’ event is similar to the sale that the brand had for Cyber Week. It’s not a standard site-wide promo. Shoppers can shop through numerous pages of their famous leggings, outerwear, sports bras, and more, which are all curated for your shopping enjoyment. 

Fans of the Lululemon brand can stay stylish and comfortable during the winter season, no matter what they’re doing with their time when they shop the post-holiday sales. 

The brand is known for not always listing their sale sections as “Sale” as most other brands do. They hide their bargains under tabs like “We Made Too Much,” instead. Despite this, the discounted prices are definitely worth it, and the options are extensive.

Fendi x Skims Launches New Collection

Fashion collaborations are on the rise. One such collaboration is the famed Kim Jones and Kim Kardashian collab with their Fendi x Skims capsule collection. It has generated quite the buzz. The collection is codesigned and has a blend of both brands’ offerings like lingerie, shapewear, swimwear, accessories, and outerwear. Inspired by a Fendi collection from 1979 which was designed by Karl Lagerfeld, this collection blends the figure-enhancing features of the shapewear by Skims’ and the fashion lexicon by Fendi fashion lexicon.

Inspired by the Team

Jones’ team served as inspiration for this collaboration when the women on his team were glued to their phones during a brainstorming session, waiting to check out the new collection by Skims. That is when the British designer had his Eureka moment. This team included the likes of Silvia Venturini Fendi, who is the Artistic Director for men’s wear and accessories as well as Delfina Delettrez Fendi, who is the Artistic Director for jewelry.

About the Collection

The collection includes tank dresses and form-fitting tops. They are made of engineered velvet. Both the brands’ logos will appear on the skin-tight jersey that is reversible, one-piece swimsuits with prints, embossed knitwear as well as sheer lingerie. The collection also features a leather dress, bonded for $4,200. It is available in a range of different flesh tones. This is an inclusive offering by Skims that highlights its design sense. The palette ranges from muted to daring colors. It also includes black, fuchsia, and military green.

Behind the Scenes

Steven Meisel has shot the campaign images. These shots include Kardashian, with models Tianna St. Louis, Precious Lee, Grace Valentine, and Jessie Li. To commemorate the launch of this collection, the collaborating companies have conscripted Vanessa Beecroft, an artist, to interpret this collaboration, as well. The collection is available on the e-commerce website –