Need Loungewear or Workout Gear? Our Favorite Brand Has a BIG Sale On Now

Staying inside is definitely the new going out, and while we all know that we probably shouldn’t be spending our money on more clothes during a global pandemic, it makes us happy, okay? Now, get off our backs. If you also love the warm, fuzzy feeling of buying new clothes, then you’ll be happy to know that one of the best loungewear and workout brands in existence is in the midst of an epic sale – and you can’t say no to more cozy staples, can you?

An Awesome Brand

If you didn’t know it already, Lululemon is an awesome brand. While they are officially known as an “athletic apparel retailer,” you don’t have to be an athlete to wear these clothes. After all, we all know that athleisure is one of the hottest trends that just doesn’t seem to be going away. This kind of clothing is perfect for lounging around the house, venturing out into the garden, or even going for your daily jog if you like to kid yourself that you like to exercise. This is mainly because it’s as comfy as heck.

We Made Too Much

Although Lululemon clothing is pretty competitively priced to begin with, it seems as though they also like it when we help them in a way that will seriously help us. Yes, they regularly update their “We Made Too Much” section, and fill this with extra clothes that they want out of their warehouse and into your shopping cart at a reduced price. That’s because all of the pieces in this section have huge chunks of money taken off them, and that means that you can stock up. From jackets to leggings, to sports bras, and more, they really do have everything.

If you’re looking for new workout gear or new loungewear to (attempt to) enjoy lockdown, then you’ve come to the right place. This brand is our favorite.

Jewelry Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Jewelry trends for every year get edgier, crazier, and just overall more fun. This year has something for every aesthetic – edgy designs, multiple colors, and a playful vibe. So, why wait? Embrace the new year and new you by updating your look with these latest trending accessories. Here are the top three pieces of jewelry to stock your wardrobe with in 2022.

Sculptural Drop Earrings

No, this does not mean the traditional circular hoops are going anywhere. It just means that their edgy cousins also want their moment to shine now. Wear these architecturally inspired babies to add an instant upgrade to all your looks, giving your ensemble that x-factor. Pair these with tops in solid colors for the most effortlessly classic look with a twist. You can also wear them for night events as the designs are sure to turn your outfit into a statement.

Painted Pearl Necklace

You know something is going to blow up when mega celebs like Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, and Pete Davidson start sporting it regularly. Such is the case of the painted pearl necklace, a mermaid-inspired trend seen glinting on the neck of these stars. This look takes the royalty of pearl necklaces and gives it a younger, more colorful vibe. You can opt for a colored strand to stand out in the crowd. If you want to elevate your look even more, do what Davidson did – layer your painted pearl necklace with multiple silver chains.

Two-Tone Geometric Link Collar Necklace

Two-tone jewelry is hard to pull off, it requires careful planning as you’re basically merging two colors into one. The two-tone geometric link collar necklace is the latest in this trend to hit the market and has proved to be a hit with the masses. This multi-metal chain is your answer to an ultrahip accessory. Wear this with a cool printed tee and denim and you’re good to go!