You Can Actually Buy One of Kate Middleton’s Iconic Costume Pieces From The Crown

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In season six of The Crown, the royal saga takes a modern turn, giving us a peek into Kate Middleton’s life and her romance with Prince William. While Kate’s stint in The Crown isn’t as long as some other characters, it was much loved by the audience, especially her pre-royal fashion vibe. Even costume designers Amy and Sidonie Roberts loved styling the looks for her St Andrews days.

Sourcing the Outfits

Sidonie, one half of the design duo and around the same age as Kate, was stoked to dive into the style of her own youth. However, early 2000s fashion isn’t far enough in the past for costume shops to stock the styles and too old to be in normal stores now.

So where did Amy and Sidonie hunt for Kate’s iconic fashion finds? eBay was their first stop, naturally. But the real jackpot was a charity shop in Majorca. The duo spilled the beans on where you can grab three of Kate’s iconic pieces and dished out some behind-the-scenes magic about her most memorable outfits.

Kate Middleton’s Brown Tassel Boots

Actress Meg Bellamy, embodying Kate Middleton in The Crown, struts her stuff in the very same Penelope Chilvers boots cherished by the Duchess in her private life. Donated for the show, these conker-colored, long-tassel boots, valued at $695, were a generous gift from Chilvers herself.

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Amy Roberts emphasized Chilvers’ unwavering loyalty to Kate, highlighting the designer’s friendship and support for the duchess. Bellamy relished each fitting, marveling at the pieces selected by Amy and Sidonie, showcasing the actress’s eagerness to emulate Kate’s style and essence on-screen.

Other Iconic Items

A fashion focal point in The Crown’s ninth episode, the Whistles knit velvet ribbon-belt cardigan defines a quintessential mid-’00s style. Sidonie Roberts accentuates the cardigan’s pivotal role in a significant scene where Kate welcomes William to her family’s home, blending classic elegance with trendy fashion choices. While Whistle doesn’t make the same cardigan, the classic piece can still be found on eBay.

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Sourcing Kate’s pre-royal outfits posed challenges, especially unsure if selected pieces would be filmed due to the ’00s emphasis on lower attire. eBay became Sidonie Roberts’ go-to for Kate’s iconic boot-cut jeans, a crucial yet hard find. Sidonie underscored the struggle to highlight the distinct details of Kate’s boot-cut jeans on-screen, given the significance of the era’s lower outfit details.

Kate Middleton’s ‘Farrah Fringe’ Is the New Way to Update Your Hair

Kate Middleton’s ‘Farrah Fringe’ Is the New Way to Update Your Hair

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has recently caused a commotion in the world of fashion due to her most recent appearance change. Despite wearing a classy Alexander McQueen navy trouser suit, it was her tresses that captured the majority of the limelight. Kate donned the fashionable “Farrah fringe,” offering her mane an invigorating and fashionable turn-around. Whether you’re hunting for a slight alteration or a stunning new do, this fringe fashion bestows a touch of ’70s glitz that suits numerous face shapes and types.

The Farrah Fringe Trend

The “Farrah fringe” is a revival of the iconic ’70s style made famous by Farrah Fawcett, the original Charlie’s Angel. It’s a wispy, curtain-style fringe that offers a softer alternative to traditional bangs.

The Farrah Fringe Trend

According to hairstylist Roi Nadin, this fringe is incredibly versatile. It’s a fantastic way to add a standout feature to your hair without committing to a full fringe, and it suits almost everyone. Additionally, it can work wonders for fine hair, adding volume to the front.

Getting the Look

If you’re considering trying out the “Farrah fringe,” here’s what you need to know. When discussing the cut with your hairstylist, you can tailor it to your preferences.

For a longer and softer look, ask them to cut the shortest point at chin length. If you’re after a bolder appearance, have the shortest point cut at the tip of your nose. This customization ensures that the fringe complements your unique features.

Styling Options

One of the benefits of the “Farrah fringe” is its versatility. As Kate Middleton demonstrates, it’s an excellent face-framing technique. Since it’s typically longer than traditional fringes, it’s easier to maintain and grow out if you decide to change your style.

Styling Options

When it comes to styling, there are various options. To achieve a chic Bardot-inspired look, blow-dry the fringe forward using your hands or a brush. Alternatively, blow-dry it backward for a voluminous, Farrah Fawcett-inspired vibe.