How Luxury Brand Hybe Is Making High Fashion Accessible to All

It’s no news that luxury fashion is drastically different from everyday wear, and as such, it’s quite unattainable to most consumers. Although there’s no set definition of high fashion, it often stands out with its hefty price tag, exclusivity, heritage, craftsmanship, innovation, and sophistication. To make luxury items more accessible to millions of customers, fashion seller Hybe is taking on a different approach.

an animation of a Hybe box Hybe Is an Online Mystery Box Shopping Platform

The rise of subscription services has managed to drive prices of some products down, and that’s what Hybe is trying to do with its mystery box shopping platform. It allows consumers to choose a mystery box, pay a fixed sum, and have it delivered to their doorstep. The value proposition of the company is that the value of each product inside the mystery box is either equal to or greater than the price of the box itself.

That not only makes certain luxury items much more affordable to mass shoppers, but it also allows consumers to exchange unboxed items depending on their personal preference. By becoming a member, people are essentially joining a community of shoppers.

Hybe's homepage A Smart Business Model

Given that Hybe’s mystery box is a massive success, it’s clear that the company’s business model is economically sound. Its mystery box has completely transformed the online retail of luxury fashion items by making them accessible to a broader audience. And before you think that the groundbreakingly low prices you pay for high-fashion items are suspicious, think again.

a set of makeup brushes, foundation, and eye shadows

Hybe is a widely trusted product discovery platform that follows strict verification processes on all luxury products it stocks from its network of suppliers. The goal is to offer only authentic items in their mystery boxes. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how the doors of luxury fashion have never been more open to mass consumers.

Hailey Bieber Changes Autumn Wardrobe Aesthetics With Her Fall Style-Statements

Street style icon Hailey Bieber seems to serve up her very best looks this autumn. A statement coat, paired with great denim and chic sunglasses has been always the favorite ready-to-go outfit for the fashionista. But, we really can’t stop hailing Hailey’s wardrobe staple blazers. Cozy, comfy, yet super stylish, her fall fashion looks are possibly the best among young fashion-forward celebs.

The Style

Hailey’s trendsetting fall style is all about being chic, with a perfect balance between cool and comfy. An oversized blazer with leather pants, or a trendy jacket with baggy jeans, she can alter the basic autumn aesthetics of a wardrobe with pretty much anything.

The Post

If you want to check out her fall fashion full of street-smart style, just peek into her Instagram account. She likes to keep her fans up-to-date by posting a series of pics. Her latest series captioned ‘Some fall things…’ is full of her new fall looks. So, start sliding and get ready to swoon over the irresistible autumn wardrobe of the Bieber girl.

The Looks

In one pic, we can see Hailey Bieber going bold with bright red, covered in a red Chanel puffer coat with golden buttons on a laidback autumn morning. The golden buttons have elevated the cold-weather staple coat on a totally different level. A few slides in, she is with her hubby in a cozy moment, donning head-to-toe leather. In black trousers, a long black trench, and a little black bralette, she looks gorgeous! And if you are thinking to complete the look with sleek heels or even sporty boots, you are wrong! Bieber styled the outfit with an unexpected pair of green sneakers! Going casual also never looked oh-so-cool! Just see Bieber’s at-home looks with white kicks and ripped jeans, or a fuzzy fleece, or a perfect around-the-house gray tank. This girl can rock the off-duty looks too!