Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele Says Goodbye to Luxury Brands

After dedicating 20 years of his career to Gucci, eight of them as the creative director, Alessandro Michele is ready to hang up his hat. The creative genius played a major role in establishing a period of gender nonconformity in the industry that is still present while building a devoted fan base in Hollywood’s often fickle entertainment industry.

The Early Days

Michele made his first impression as soon as he entered the industry and his debut women’s runway show for the fall of 2015 was his first hit. Gucci’s kangaroo-lined loafers from that season included the brand’s signature horse-bit hardware. Other than that, they signaled that Michele would be moving the company in a more eclectic, wacky path. His style, statement, devotion, and creative mindset have made the brand see heights that they never imagined seeing before. Dakota Johnson, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, and Jared Leto—a Michele clone—were among many who were charmed by Michele’s singular vision.

Michele’s Prolific Collaborations

His most breathtaking collaboration was with his partner Giovanni Attili. Fall 2018’s primary material, Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto,” helped construct one of Michele’s most memorable exhibitions for the house, complete with models carrying lifelike copies of their own heads. The assortment served as a metaphor for how people create their identities with the aid of technology and other artificial components. He also directed a tremendously dramatic performance for spring 2023 including 68 sets of twins.

Michele’s Gucci Arrival

When Michele joined Gucci, pre-season fashion shows were becoming more popular, and Michele stage-directed some amazing looks. He was a genius at setting the mood, whether it was in the Roman necropolis known as the Alyscamps in Arles, France, the Roman Forum itself, Westminster Abbey in London, or LA’s Hollywood Boulevard. Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci was also launched under Michele’s direction. His friend Jared Leto played Paolo Gucci, and the movie’s scene-stealing actress Lady Gaga appeared on red carpets wearing dresses made by him.

The Final Goodbye

Gucci’s sales soon began to decline as a result of Michele’s agenda-setting success, and in the wake of the parent firm Kering’s shares dropped amid the brand’s slowdown. After the brand announced Michele’s exit, he wrapped up his entire journey at Gucci by calling the brand his home, an adopted family. He also included the fact that the brand and he had different perspectives. However, he was very happy to dedicate all his love and his creative passion to Gucci.

Adriana Lima Takes Internet by Storm After Sporting a Hybrid Shoe

The fall season is officially coming closer – and with it comes the fall’s fashion. This is the season of sipping pumpkin lattes and wearing sweater blouses. If you love fashion – then fall season is undoubtedly your favorite season – because nothing can beat fall fashion. While people rock the hot bods during the summer – it’s actually the fall season when everyone has their A+ fashion game on. We can spot celebrities already embracing fall fashion in all its glory. – from bidding adieu to flip flops to dusting off the boots – you know it’s time to make the road your runaway. But while the rest of us are saying goodbye to our open-toes, Adriana Lima has some other plans in her mind.

Adriana Lima Dons Hybrid Shoe in Instagram Post

Adriana managed to find this fall’s season’s most controversial shoe – and it’s only the start of the season. How do you feel about a sky-high stiletto that’s also a bootie and also a flip flop? Confused? Well, you are not alone.

Adriana Lima, in her Instagram post on Sunday, was seen in LOL cropped tank top paired along with pants from Stella McCartney. She was styled by Erin Walsh. But what stole the show and became the highlight of her look was her footwear. She donned the Hybrid Givenchy shoes. The shoes are controversial but in trend – this ugly-chick footwear is on the rise, and people are expressing mixed opinions. But Adriana Lima is not the only celebrity who was spotted wearing the hybrids.

The Rise of the Frankenstein-like shoe

Adriana is not the only brave soul to sport the hybrid shoe – the trend it seems is embraced by celebrities in general. Even Victoria Beckham – the ultimate chick fashionista, was spotted in a similar pair in the past.

The wait is to see if the trend will be adopted by the general public or it will stay limited to celebrities and supermodels. Do you think you have it in you to pull off something like this?