Chanel Sees a Growth in Their Fan Following in Gen-Z

Chanel Sees a Growth in Their Fan Following in Gen-Z

Chanel is a luxury brand that needs no introduction. As popular as the company’s name is, the price of their products is equally high. For years now, Chanel clothing has been one of the preferred choices amongst the rich and famous. Even the starting price of their Vintage suits has touched close to £2,000. In fact, their clothing lines are loved many that they even try to copy the brand’s fashion line by making replicas of the same suit within their budget.

Chanel is Now a Popular Choice in Generation Z

Chanel Sees a Growth in Their Fan Following in Gen-Z

The luxury brand not only has its own fan base but has even become a popular choice for Gen Z kids. We have not only seen stars walking the ramp flaunting their suits but even the young crowd wearing them with all enthusiasm. From Helena Christensen in a bikini top and Chanel suit to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Hilary Banks, to even 1995 released Clueless’s Cher Horowitz, the list of names is endless.

Other Notable Personalities Who Have Been Seen Wearing the Brand

Chanel Sees a Growth in Their Fan Following in Gen-Z

On the social media front, many famous names are seen following the brand on platforms like Instagram. One such account, @chanel_archives, is the most followed Instagram account that showcases some of the best collections and trends of the company in recent times. Do not be surprised if you find names like Tavi Gevinson and Ariana Grande following the company.

Chanel Sees an Increase in its Online Traffic

In recent times, the company has seen significant growth of online traffic of people searching for Vintage suits. As per the statistics, the company says an increase of close to 200% mainly because of the notable personalities who are wearing the brand.

It is Not Just the Brand but the Trust

Chanel Sees a Growth in Their Fan Following in Gen-Z

When people invest their money into a particular company, they do so because they have faith and trust in the brand. Chanel has always been firm on its grounds to provide the best. It is not surprising to see that even Gen Z children are falling in love with the brand and its collections.

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