Check Out the Best Luggage Brand Available On the Market

It’s essential to invest in high-quality bags that would last for a long time. A suitcase that is lightweight to carry but can fit all your clothes and accessories is a necessity. Now, there are many options to pick the luggage that suits your style and requirements. After all, traveling in luxury and style isn’t a crime. Here are the top brands you can take your pick from.


Visit any airport to see for yourself how Away, a New York-based company, has impacted the world despite only being operational for seven years. Even while the brand Away was built on the ability of its bags to recharge one’s phones, it has since grown to encompass a whole line of luggage — batteries not always included! You name a style and size, and they have it. For example, The Carry-On and The Bigger Carry-On


Globe-Trotter may appear to be a parody of vintage luggage products, but in reality, it draws design inspiration from its own library. The business, which was established in Germany in 1897, eventually relocated to the United Kingdom in 1932, where it has been making leather luggage for almost a century. Famous Globe-Trotter owners include the late Queen Elizabeth, and every product is of great quality and manufactured by hand.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was a manufacturer of travel trunks before Nicolas Ghesquière and a long time before Marc Jacobs. Travel trunks originally had circular tops, but Louis Vuitton had the brilliant idea to make them flat and rectangular, and the rest, as they say, is history. Anyone who has seen one of Vuitton’s traveling exhibitions, Volez, Voyagez, or Voguez, is aware of the magnitude of their commitment to the art of travel.


Rimowa is the brand for you if tradition, quality, and workmanship are what you’re looking for in your suitcase. Established in 1898 in Cologne, Germany, Rimowa offers cases that are nearly entirely made of lightweight yet durable aluminum and include a proprietary multi-wheel system, catering to the practical traveler seeking smooth functionality. Recently, the business has started to incorporate a little bit of fashion into its classic designs, by collaborating with brands like Off-White, Supreme, Daniel Arsham, and Dior.


Tuplus’s design will appeal to minimalists and aestheticians. The Chinese company, which debuted in 2015, spent two years creating its first carry-on design, which is a baggage case that has everything you require and nothing you don’t. Since Tuplus takes pride in its zipperless lock technology, it appears that zippers fall into the latter category.

The Rising Fashion Brands You’ll Want to Watch out for This Year

Sure, established designers are cool with their billions in the bank and their celebrity clientele, but have you ever found any up-and-coming fashion brands that makes beautiful clothing that you adore in every single way? Well, today may be that day. The spotlight is making its way onto these small businesses and brands right now, and we’re pretty excited about it. This gives new designers the chance to showcase their talent, and it gives you the chance to support smaller businesses and bump up your wardrobe at the same time.

Peter Do

The fashion world is changing, and we’re seeing more and more women embracing tailored fashion – and that’s exactly what Peter Do is all about. After launching his brand in 2013, Peter Do has since created a “uniform for the modern woman, founded on tailoring, construction, and fine textiles.” In short, he’s a boss.


Rotate is a relatively new fashion brand, and eagle-eyed fashionistas got their first glimpse at their vibe in 2018. The result? It’s a colorful, bold, and ‘80s-inspired brand that will make you feel like the center of attention. Focusing on ‘80s cuts and themes, these clothes will take you back in time while also propelling you into the fashion future.

Kelsey Randall

Those who prefer custom and made-to-order pieces should definitely check out Kesley Randall. She’s all about festival vibes, rhinestone cowboy hats, romantic evening gowns, rock-and-roll leather jackets, and so much more. Basically, if you want something cool and bespoke, then she’s got the goods.

BITE Studios

If you’re becoming increasingly aware of your impact on the natural world, then this brand may be for you. BITE Studios is all about sustainability, eco-consciousness, and simple but detailed clothing, and that’s exactly what they have created. The clothes may not be flashy, but they are extremely beautiful in their simplicity.

2020 is a new fashion year, and there’s also new, fresh designers and fashion brands to enjoy.