10 Voguish Coachella Outfits for Women to Wear in Their 30s!

Voguish Coachella Outfits for Women to Wear in Their 30s

Coachella is an extravaganza desert experience that you will probably never forget, and your dress needs to be as memorable as the event. So, how does one prepare for the most Instagrammable festival of their lives, especially in their 30s? We have brought you some fantastic ideas to make everyone’s eyes fall on you.

1. Bohemian Look

The Coachella theme is about comfort with a touch of florals or bohemian style. So, try a floral or a graphic printed skirt like Bouguessa Jen appliqued skirt, along with a crochet bralette.

2. Classic Cargos

Wearing baggy trousers with a stylish crop top and sneakers – it doesn’t get more comfortable than this. Add a pair of sunglasses and a waist pouch, and your look is complete.

3. Fringes

3. Fringes

Coachella is the perfect place to slay away the look if you always wanted to try a fringe dress. You can top it off with a cozy blazer and strappy sandals.

4. Reveal and Conceal

Try a pair of shorts, a cute top, or go with a see-through top and a knee-length denim skirt to show off some skin.

5. Bright Colors

5. Bright Colors

Wearing pastel colors like pink and lavender looks stunning and graceful simultaneously. So, take out your bright dress and slay the look.

6. Black Dress

Nothing seems more classy yet chic than a little black dress. The minimalist Coachella outfit creates the perfect balance of comfort and style.

7. Matching Coord Set

7. Matching Coord Set

Wearing a matching set will surely turn heads around at Coachella. Buy light and flowy fabric clothes so you stay cool in the hot desert.

8. Maxi Dresses

A glamorous maxi dress goes a long way. Wear the fit with sneakers so that you can easily dance all night in them.

9. Kimono

9. Kimono

Go all out with kimono dresses. Either pair it with linen pants and cotton shirts or a bodysuit. Add chunky jewelry for a dramatic effect.

10. Playsuit

Playsuits are so airy and comfy yet stylish. Wear your favorite heels, maybe a choker and aviators, and you are all set.

Megan Fox Spotted in Vegan Positive Brands

The Transformers actor Megan Fox looked has always looked drop-dead gorgeous in whatever she wears. So it wasn’t any different when she was spotted in L.A. recently walking the streets wearing a Maeve Reilly-styled outfit. A double-take would not have been enough. However, there was more to her outfit than what met the eye. There were two details about her entire look that are worth mentioning. Let’s take a look at what they were.

The Outfit

She paired a long and black overcoat with a mini skirt in blue and a cute graphic tee. It seems like mini-skirts are making a fashion comeback. Her look was completed with strappy stilettos and an adorable blue bag. However, did you know that the two accessories she wore were made from vegan leather? The Femme LA stilettos were created with vegan materials. From the glues to the dyes used, every aspect of these sandals was vegan. The little blue purse is from the brand Carat23. The brand is Dutch and uses vegan leathers while also specializing in unusual and unexpected shapes for their handbags.

Vegan Positive Brands

The world is becoming socially conscious and is choosing options that are conducive to nature. The fashion industry is also trying to keep up with the growing demand for vegan options in fashion. A few years ago it was nearly impossible to find clothing items or accessories that were vegan-friendly. Things are not any better today yet. Vegan fashion options continue to be of limited choice. However, brands like Femme LA and Carat23 are leading the market with their vegan-friendly fashion. Native Shoes, Stella McCartney, and Osier are a few other brands that have made fashion without the use of animal byproducts a possibility.

Fashion Forward

Choosing a vegan-friendly brand does not mean taking a step back in the fashion world. Take Megan Fox’s choice of accessories, for instance. None of them look any different from the mainstream fashion products or those made of real leather. These are equally chic and who does not love that?