Shanghai Fashion Week Showcases Gender-Fluid Collections by New-Age Designers

A band of new-age Chinese fashion designers is set to change the fashion world with their up-and-coming rule-defying collections. With their gender-bending clothing series, they stand opposite of the gender binary and traditional notions of the male gaze. In the recent Shanghai Fashion Week, the revolutionary label Sultry Virgin debuted with their forward-thinking and thought-provoking collections. They were joined by other gender-fluid labels like, Do Not Tag, Anno Mundi, and Group Therapy all flaunting a number of unisex items. All these labels are ardently following the trend-setting path of internationally acclaimed Chinese fashion designer Zhou Rui, whose gender-bending label Rui recently co-won the prestigious LVMH Karl Lagerfeld Special Jury Prize.

The Sultry Virgin

In the Shanghai Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2022 runaway event, Sultry Virgin opened their show ‘The Fem Beach’ with a dreadlock-clad female model in a green laced-up bralette, holding a cocktail glass accompanied by pool boys. She walked across the room and sat down on a beach chair to watch the other models flaunt the remaining collection. According to the label’s co-founder Xu Yan and Wang Qiuge, their brand’s vision is to defy the male gaze, but without any hostility toward the men. By their ultimate new-age chick-flick, the label aims to rise a global female consciousness by giving full-reign freedom of choice and pride to the girls and women worldwide.


Another newfound expressive label challenging the preconceived notions of gender and sexuality on the fashion runaway is The creative duo Alex Po and Derek Cheng both faced discrimination in their childhood in Hong Kong for not being ‘manly.’ They channeled their childhood pain and experience in breakthrough fashion designs changing the definition of traditional menswear. The brand’s new collection is titled ‘Love for Speed’ and is full of youthful energy. It opposes enforced masculinity on young boys and men, encouraging them to accept and freely express their own softer sides. Blurring the lines of gender identity, the label along with other new-age brands is making a responsible mark by giving a powerful voice to the global LGBTQ community.

What Is A Nap Dress And Why Are They Everywhere?

Fashion trends come and go quicker than you can say “Dolce and Gabbana,” but there’s something about the Nap Dress that just won’t go away. Of course, we’re not sad about this fact, as this is the kind of dress that we’ve been dreaming of our whole lives. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it’s versatile, and it’s just downright chic. However, if you’re not quite familiar with this dress just yet, this is why the Nap Dress is just so darn popular.

What Is It?

The first question many people have about the Nap Dress is about what it actually is. You may be upset to learn that it’s not a dress specifically designed for you to have a nap in – but there are no rules against it if you do fancy a little midday siesta. Instead, the Nap Dress has come to life thanks to Hill House Home, which was founded by Nell Diamond. After working in finance for many years, Diamond found herself struggling to find clothes that fit her “Victorian Ghost” aesthetic. So, she decided to create her own dress, and that’s where the Nap Dress comes into play.

A Real-Life Nightgown

What’s so amazing about this dress is the fact that it’s bringing a nightgown into the daytime aesthetic. With ruffled detailing, long hemlines, off-the-shoulder necklines, and other modest but stylish design choices, they’re unlike the short and tight dresses that most of us are used to seeing and wearing. However, who doesn’t want to embody the wonderful ladies of Little Women? With everything going on in the world at the moment, Nap Dresses have become even more popular. While they are comfortable to wear around the house, you can also team them up with some sandals and a bag to head to the grocery store.

So, will you be adding a Nap Dress to your closet? We definitely will be.