How Models Stay Centered During Fashion Month

How Models Find Serenity During Fashion Month

Behind the glitz and glamor of the fashion world, models debatably have the toughest go of it all. They’re traveling from city to city, show to show, walking in clothing and shoes that sometimes don’t quite fit, over and over. Have you ever wondered how these models manage their schedules while staying grounded? Have a look at the models who unveil the truths behind their hectic schedules!

Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection

Tess Breeden finds solace in art during Fashion Week. She carries sketch pads that serve as an outlet for her creativity and a source of grounding amidst the whirlwind of castings and shows. These sketchbooks are a canvas for personal expression and a way to keep her mind engaged. Whereas Lulu Wood takes time for introspection, whether through music, journaling, or simply enjoying solitude. Dana Smith engages in code-word and crossword puzzles to maintain her sanity during Fashion Week.

Maintaining Routine

Maintaining Routine

Sara Grace Wallerstedt prioritizes consistency during Fashion Week by sticking to her morning routine. From savoring her morning coffee to watching her favorite YouTube videos, these rituals help her stay grounded amidst her hectic schedule. Holly Nicole, on the other hand, finds refuge in cozy cafes when there’s a break between castings, with a matcha latte in hand and soothing music in her ears. As for Jordan Daniels, she prioritizes a balanced lifestyle during Fashion Month. Getting adequate sleep and spending time with friends unrelated to the fashion industry contribute to her sense of equilibrium and well-being.

Embracing the Moment

Bella Rose opts for serene walks along the West Side Highway when her schedule allows. This simple activity helps her reconnect with herself and find peace during the bustling Fashion Week. Jits Bootsma’s approach is to stay in the moment and enjoy the unique experiences Fashion Week offers. Whether it’s laughter, new friendships, or even karaoke nights, embracing the journey without overwhelming oneself is key to maintaining composure. On the other hand, Sam Case chooses to stay focused during the day but unwinds at night with TV shows.

Friendship and Connection

Merel Roggeveen stays grounded by reaching out to her family. Their unfamiliarity with the fashion industry reminds her of her significant achievement in being part of Fashion Week in New York. Another model, Anyier Anei values the friendships and connections she makes during Fashion Week. Meeting up with friends and enjoying each other’s company provides a welcome break from work pressures, allowing her to appreciate the city and create lasting memories.

Zendaya Pays Tribute to Retro Styles With Her Emmy Ensemble

The night of the Emmy Awards is the biggest night in the TV industry, and this year nobody made a splash quite like Zendaya. The talented actress made headlines not only for creating history by winning her second Emmy in a row as the youngest artist ever, but she also turned heads with her stunning appearance. While her win for her powerful performance as Rue in Euphoria proved her prowess as an actress, her custom Valentino ball gown dialed up the glamor quotient of the night as she channeled the charm of Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly.

The Gown

Zendaya looked absolutely gorgeous in a black floor-sweeping elegant ball gown, designed especially for the occasion by Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative director of the iconic label Valentino. The dramatic gown featured an off-shoulder form-fitting bodice with detailing of subtle peplum. The full skirt with a sweeping train was created by paying homage to iconic screen sirens from past decades. According to Law Roach, Zendaya’s personal stylist, the glamorous dress was inspired by several pieces worn by none other than Grace Kelly during her fashion icon heyday of the 1950s. The creative inspiration also came from a special look from the fall 1987 collection of Valentino, donned by Linda Evangelista for a Steven Meisel ad campaign.

The Look

Zendaya paired her glamorous ensemble with a Brigitte Bardot-style hairdo as a further nod to the history of cinema from past decades. The 26-year-old fashionista pulled her hair back with a sleek black silk band while keeping her brushed-out brown curls falling on her shoulders. The style was perfectly suited to highlight her sleek diamond jewelry, by better framing the glittering Bulgari necklace. If there’s one thing Zendaya and Roach know better than anyone, it’s how to balance the retro and the right now, effortlessly. We don’t need any other proof as to why Zendaya is currently Hollywood’s most stylish genius.