What’s It Like To Be A Model During Fashion Week?

Everyone who is doing anything in the spotlight has their big day in the spotlight. It is the superbowl for football players, election night for politicians, or fight night for boxers. For a model, it is fashion week. They get to travel to a fashion city, and show off the latest clothes, and perhaps even make business connections.

As we see in reality shows about modeling, it is not easy. Not only are there extreme body type requirements, there is also a requirement for a certain attitude; an ability to walk the runway with a certain fierceness. What is it really like to be a model during this frenzy?

First of all, it is important to consider it is not only the model who is under a lot of pressure to put on an amazing show. Producers, makeup artists, set designers, agents, journalists, photographers, designers, and agents are all there to achieve a specific goal, and making sure everyone gets everything just right takes a huge amount of coordination. For the model, like everyone else, preparation starts early.

The model has to undergo an audition of sorts, where designers first request a certain look that they believe compliments their newest fashions. Then, there are many times a model who is chosen has to fit many, many versions of an outfit as the designer puts final touches on it. The rehearsals are draining as well, as the perfectionistic designers want a nuanced walk down the runway, which truly shows what their brand is all about.

To look presentable for this level of fashion, models need to come in early to do hair and makeup, and they spend the wee hours of the morning in front of the mirror with various stylists. Then, after a stressful show, they just want to relax. However, they are expected to make appearances at afterparties, all on no sleep. It’s important to remember how hard it is for models (and everyone else) when Fashion Week rolls around.