Margaret Qualley’s Met Gala Look Stole the Show

The red carpet at Met Gala witnessed a diverse range of looks. From some bizarre outfits like Kim Kardashian’s faceless head-to-toe black bodysuit to some fascinating ones like Gigi Hadid’s iconic dress from Prada to some really wild looks like A$AP Rocky’s multi-colored quilt. Few looks, however, managed to capture everyone’s eyes and fancy like Margaret Qualley’s iconic Chanel white dress with the not-so-subtle tiara.

Not Your Everyday Tiara

While Margaret’s tiara might look like a subtle statement-making piece, rest assured that it is far from it. The tiara isn’t your everyday princess type; it looks more like an expensive and plush headband. Mara Roszak, the magician behind Cara Delevingne’s famous out of the shower hair look – also worked her magic on Margaret. Mara made use of products by Philip B to hold the look in place.

Even her dress that looks effortless was the fruit of 1,300 hours of labor in the atelier. Like every other Chanel look spotted on Met Gala, the one flaunted by Qualley on Monday night took many hours to make. Her simple-looking white organdy and silky tulle gown were embellished with floral designs. The dreamy gown featured 95,000 embroidered sequins, glass beads, and crystals. Margaret topped off her look with a pair of earrings and a beautiful tiara.

Behind the Scenes

Qualley, who is the ambassador of Chanel, has been spotted in a white dress to all three Met Galas she attended. Before Chanel sponsored her, she was seen in one-sleeved Prabal Gurung. She paired her white gown with a statement ring that featured cultured pearls and long earrings that were also embellished with the pearls.

Makeup Look

Qualley’s makeup is no less than a work of art. Speaking about makeup, the young and innocent look that we so cherish was done by Kara Yoshimoto Bua. She was inspired by Margaret’s 1920s vibe to do they look.

Jennifer Lopez is Consistently Wearing an $18 Face Mask

When it comes to Jennifer Lopez, wearing crystals is an absolute must. She has sparkly gems that are all over the coffee cup that she takes with her everywhere, on most of her on-stage looks, and most recently, even on her face masks.

Jennifer Lopez wearing the $18 face mask

Jennifer Lopez and Her Favorite Face Mask

Like many people out there, J. Lo is staying safe and doing her part to keep others around her safe while she’s in public. She’s wearing her face mask. However, it’s not just an ordinary mask. Of course, Jennifer Lopez has a face mask that’s covered in gems, and it’s one that she has been wearing a lot recently.

The face mask is made by Noil Yoga, which is an activewear brand that is a celebrity-favorite. The mask is not like many others in that it’s covered in crystals. The crystal-covered face mask typically sells for $50, which is quite a hefty price for a mask, but now, it’s 64% off which means people can purchase it for only $18.

How J. Lo Pairs Her Mask with Her Outfit

Jennifer Lopez is often spotted wearing Noli Yoga accessories, especially when she’s on her way to the gym. She’s seen wearing other face coverings from the brand, along with cropped black leggings, a white long-sleeve, and a white sports bar, along with her John Geiger sneakers. Of course, in true J.Lo fashion, her sparkly coffee cup was in her hand.

Jennifer Lopez wearing the face mask

In most cases, Lopez is seen pairing the glamorous face mask with workout attire for a high-low look, but she’s also worn it with a blue sweatsuit, and people can even envision her wearing it with a sleek evening outfit if she were to head out for the night.

Since the Noli Yoga face mask is so chic, it can become a regular fashion staple for Jennifer Lopez.