Victoria Beckham’s Love for Crystals Is Real

Victoria Beckham is a lot of things – global fashion icon, former popstar, wife to football legend David Bekcham and mother to four children. The posh spice also likes to surround herself with positive energy, and has admitted to sleeping with spiritual crystals after being introduced to them in LA. Read on to know about her love for crystals and more.

The Spiritual Crystals

Victoria Beckham first came in contact with spiritual crystals shortly after moving to California in 2007 after her footballer husband’s surprising move to Los Angeles Galaxy. She has admitted to still owing the first crystal that she ever brought, a black obsidian, that she still carries everywhere with her. The former spice girl has curated an enormous collection of crystals at her Cotswolds home where she lives with her husband and four children. Bekham has also stated that the crystals play a key part in her spiritual beliefs, and that she likes them close by everytime. The 47 year old always has a small collection of crystals in her handbag, and also likes to sleep with them nearby.

Crystals in Clothing

Victoria Beckham, who is also a designer by profession, has used crystals in her designs since 208. The designer has clipped crystals onto belt loops and also included secret pockets on her side leg trousers to carry them. With the inclusions of crystals, Beckham aims to make her customers feel confident and secure. By sharing her love and knowledge of the ges, she wants to provide support navigating their career and personal life. Beckham has also admitted to being superstitious, stating that never walks under a ladder and salutes when she sees a magpie. Victoria Bekham shot to fame in the 90s with her girl group Spice Girl, and later in 1999 cemented her status as a media darling with her 1999 marriage to David Beckham.

Pictures That Prove Lavender Hair Is a Trend That’s Not Going Anywhere

Hands up if you’re currently trying to steer clear of the box hair dyes and the kitchen scissors! Well, you’re not alone. While there is a chance that you could come out the other side of this lockdown period with green streaks through your hair and bangs that you definitely didn’t mean to cut that short, that doesn’t mean that you should resist the urge completely. In fact, we have a feeling that you’re going to want to try out this lavender hair trend after you’ve seen these pictures…

Pictures That Prove Lavender Hair Is a Trend That’s Not Going Anywhere

A Beautiful Color

If you want to feel like a beautiful flower, then the lavender hair trend could be for you. Sure, it’s a little disappointing that these hair dyes won’t make you smell like lavender, but that’s what perfumes and body sprays are for, right? This year, lavender hair has become one of the most popular hair colors that the world has ever seen, and you’ve probably been tempted to try it for yourself. We’re not about that peer pressure life, but if you wanna go for it, we say go for it.

Pictures That Prove Lavender Hair Is a Trend That’s Not Going Anywhere

Cool Hues

What’s so great about the lavender color is the fact that it’s similar to the likes of gray and lilac, but it completely stands alone as its own color. It’s the perfect combination of soft blue and pale purple, and the end result is something that will look good on every single person that this world has to offer. Whether you’re pale or whether you’re darker in complexion, this will look absolutely stunning. We promise.

As if that wasn’t enough to win you over, you can go as hard or as simple as you want with this lavender trend. You could choose to dye the ends of your hair, or you could rock the whole-head-look. The choice is yours.