Tyra Banks’ Modeling Theme Park: Not as Strange as It Seems?

Tyra Banks is announcing that tickets for her new modeling theme park are finally on sale. The attraction is priced at $59 for general access, but they go up to $1,495 for the VIP packages. It’s brought up the question of, what exactly you are paying for – and what kind of experience will the 21,000-square-foot park bring – to guests, when it opens on May 1 in Los Angeles?

Tyra Banks is Making Modeling Dreams Come True

Tyra Banks’ Modeling Theme Park: Not as Strange as It Seems?

According to Tyra, ModelLand is for everyone, and it is not just an attraction. It is a place where all guests will receive posing tips from Tyra Banks through prerecorded footage. They will also be invited to partake in a photo shoot and then receive a digital lookbook, which will be personalized to each individual. 

The goal for Tyra is to have individuals understand just how beautiful they are in their unique ways. She is skeptical of how some will perceive this due to some people’s narrow-minded ways of thinking with America’s Next Top Model. 

Expanding Her Career

Tyra Banks began her career in the early ‘90s as a runway model walking for brands like Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and more. At this time, black models were overlooked in the fashion industry. She was the first African American woman on the cover of GQ and the first on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. With Tyra’s success, she has moved forward to open this modeling theme park. 

Tyra Banks’ Modeling Theme Park: Not as Strange as It Seems?

To some, ModelLand may seem like just another business venture for the experienced model turned businesswoman. Still, it is also a place where Tyra can help encourage both men and women to find their confidence in their appearance and use it as a tool in their everyday lives. 

Either way, Tyra Banks’ new theme park is a way for people to know that the mystery behind her smize lives on.