Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Is Louis Vuitton’s Newest Global Ambassador

tennis star Naomi Osaka

She may be known for her fierce serve on the tennis court, but that doesn’t mean Naomi Osaka doesn’t speak high fashion. The Grand Slam champion ended the year as the highest-paid female athlete in 2020, earning more than $30 million in sponsorships and endorsements. And now, the talented Japanese player is adding one more to the list — becoming the newest global ambassador for Louis Vuitton.

The Brand’s Director Handpicked Naomi Osaka

The official Instagram post announcing Naomi Osaka as the new ambassador of the luxury brand The news of Naomi Osaka becoming the new house ambassador for the luxury brand was announced last week on Instagram by Louis Vuitton’s Director of Women’s Collections, Nicolas Ghesquière. He personally chose Osaka as his newest muse. He backed his decision by praising Naomi for her achievements on and off the court. Ghesquière said that she represents her generation and is an inspiring role model for everyone.

To anyone who’s closely been following the tennis phenom or the brand, this collaboration comes as no surprise. Naomi appeared on Vogue’s January cover wearing a dress by, you guessed it, Louis Vuitton.

Naomi’s Other Passion Is Fashion

Naomi posing with her Grand Slam cup Naomi was equally honored to be chosen as the new ambassador. She commented that after tennis, her second greatest passion is fashion and that no other brand is as iconic as Louis Vuitton. Osaka expressed her gratitude to be working with Nicolas and sharing a mutual love of Japanese style and culture, which they’re working to incorporate in the Spring-Summer’21 campaign.

It turns out, Naomi Osaka and the luxury fashion brand go way back. She shared that it’s actually become a tradition to buy an LV bag for her mom’s birthday and that it’s something she’s been doing ever since she was 16 years old.

With a pair like that, a tennis star, and a fashion icon, it appears that we’re all in for a treat in the upcoming collection!

This 60 Second Rule Is the Key to Perfect Skin

Everyone wants the perfect skin, right? Of course, nothing worth having comes without hard work, and while we wish that we could wake up in the morning without any pimples and with the ultimate glow, that just doesn’t happen on its own. Most people have their own routine when it comes to their skin, but how long do you wash your face? Well, one expert seems to think that 60 is the perfect number.

A Daily Ritual

Let’s be honest; having skin is hard work. We have to make sure we keep it lotioned up in the sun, we have to make sure we don’t scrape any knees, and we have to make sure that we keep it safe from anything that may cause it harm. Being the owner of skin is a full-time job, and many people have their own daily rituals when it comes to keeping it clean. There are those who opt for the simple soap and water technique, there are others who whip out all of the cleansers, oils, moisturizers, and whatever else, and then there are those who don’t really know what they’re doing so just roll with anything.

A Full Minute

However, an esthetician has now come forward with a supposedly perfect technique that will leave you with perfect skin. Nayamka Roberts-Smith’s technique is that you need to wash your face with a cleanser to fully remove all of the dirt and excess oil lying beneath the surface. It’s hard to imagine doing anything for 60 seconds – especially washing your face – but it’s been noted that this allows the cleanser to really penetrate the skin and wash away any impurities. This should leave you feeling spotless, and with naturally glowing skin.

What’s even better is that her technique has received rave reviews from people across the globe! Could this be the answer to all of our skin woes?