Kourtney Becomes The Latest Kardashian To Partner With Kylie Cosmetics

As the popularity of Kylie Cosmetics continues to hold steady, the 20 year old Jenner has a new addition for her make up empire. Though she’s previously featured lines designed by older sisters Kim and Khloe, it’s finally time for Kourtney to take on a palette of her own.

Announcing the news on her Snapchat account, Kylie showed off three palettes with pastel exteriors that clearly read Kourt on the front. The palettes are pink, blue, and green, with a bedazzled font denoting the collection they belong to.

If the palettes weren’t enough to excite you, Kylie had a bigger surprise to share. In the next video, she can be seen flashing three lip colors that are a bright contrast to the gentle colors of the palettes. The lip colors will be available in a more classic red, a burnt orange, and then a Kourtney fave, a more muted pink tone.

Kylie has stepped out of the box with the design of the Kourt Collection, included a mirrored top to each of the liquid lipsticks that corresponds to the eye shadow palettes she displayed first.

In Kylie’s next peek, she showed off the three different color schemes available in Kourtney’s collection. For the pale green palette, you’ll find a pinkish beige shadow, one matte, and one with shimmer, plus a deep emerald shimmer powder, and a shocking red matte accent shadow.

The blue palette is brighter still, tones Kourtney herself doesn’t frequently sport, but gorgeous nonetheless. Complete with a bright gold, the burnt orange that mirrors the complementary lip color, and deep brown, it’s definitely a twist on the more standard nude palette.

If that’s what you’re looking for, head to the pink palette, which comes in softer shades of beiges and pinks. Each palette includes a unifying shimmery mauve to complete your look.