Joe Jonas Hugs Actress Laila Abdallah on Beach Date in Greece After Stormi Bree Split

A New Connection

Joe Jonas, the famous singer from the Jonas Brothers, was recently spotted sharing a hug with Lebanese actress Laila Abdallah. This friendly gesture happened shortly after his split from model Stormi Bree.

US Magazine // MEGA

The photos of Joe and Laila hugging quickly circulated, sparking curiosity among fans about their relationship status. Laila, known for her roles in Middle Eastern films and TV shows, seemed comfortable and happy in Joe’s company. Their interaction suggests they share a close bond, though it’s unclear if it’s romantic or just friendly.

Recent Breakup

Joe and Stormi Bree, who is also a musician and model, had been together for some time before deciding to part ways. Their breakup was a surprise to many, as they had seemed like a stable couple. The exact reasons for their split have not been publicly discussed by either party, leaving fans speculating about what might have gone wrong. Joe and Stormi had often shared glimpses of their relationship on social media, making their separation even more unexpected for their followers.

Moving On

Despite the recent breakup, Joe seems to be in good spirits and enjoying his time with friends, including Laila. Whether this hug signifies a new romantic interest or just a close friendship is yet to be seen. Joe has been focusing on his career and spending quality time with loved ones. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what unfolds next in Joe’s personal life.

US Magazine // MEGA

As for Stormi, she has also been keeping busy with her projects, and both seem to be handling the split maturely.
Their supporters hope for happiness and success for both Joe and Stormi, whether they find it together or apart. In the meantime, Joe’s interaction with Laila adds an interesting twist to his post-breakup journey, keeping everyone guessing about what’s next for the pop star.