Jennifer Garner Is ‘Grateful’ for Friendship With Judy Greer

It’s very rare that onscreen costars bond and form true lifelong friendships. Jennifer Garner is one of the lucky ones to have formed such a relationship and has recently expressed her gratitude for the same. Garner, 49, took to Instagram to let people know that she is very grateful for her valuable friendship with her 13 Going on 30 co-star Judy Greer. The actress posted a sunny snapshot alongside Greer, 46, and conveyed her appreciation through the caption.

The Movie

Released in 2004, 13 Going on 30 is a rom-com wherein Garner played the role of 13-year-old Jenna, who suddenly woke up one morning in the body of her 30-year-old future self. In the film, Greer played the character of Lucy, the longtime frenemy of Jenna. The film also starred renowned faces like Andy Serkis and Mark Ruffalo. After 18 years, Ruffalo and Garner reunited for the Netflix movie The Adam Project, also starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

The Two Friends

Recently, while reflecting on 13 Going on 30, Judy Greer reminisced about her first meeting with Garner and could not stop gushing over her on-screen frenemy turned real-life friend! Greer described their first meeting as a treat, stating that Garner “is literally like the greatest of all time.” Greer also informed that Garner was a really great leader on set. She was not only punctual, professional, and organized, but also “crazy fun” to work with. According to Greer, having someone like Garner as the first person on the call sheet made things easier for everyone else on the set. Greer also recalled that sometimes it was really hard to be mean to Garner while filming specific scenes of the movie where the two shared an unpleasant relationship. Jennifer Garner’s recent Instagram post reflects the same feelings for Greer, where she expressed her love for her longtime girlfriend.

Kanye West’s Yeezy Sneakers Might Become More Obtainable

Before Kanye West dipped into the fashion industry, he often expressed his desire to dress the whole world. He later launched his brand, Yeezy, and it was then, and still is now, surrounded by a lot of hype.

Yeezy Sneakers

Yeezy Sneakers Have Been Tough to Get

Like any other super-hyped sneaker, Yeezys were tough to get when they were first released. Back in 2016, Kanye had mentioned that one day, whoever wanted to get Yeezys would be able to – which sounded like a joke back then, considering how hard it was to get your hands on them. Only five years later, it seems to be more possible.

The Yeezy brand has shifted gears when it comes to fashion. They went from having limited drops to selling sneakers without all the hype. Most recent reports from StockX, the resale platform, state that the Yeezy brand has made huge jumps into major mass brands. From sitting at spot number sixteen to six, right behind New Balance and in front of Vans.

No More Gimmicks

Yeezy Sneakers The jump in brand popularity for Yeezy correlates with their new strategy as they won’t be relying on gimmicks, such as limited volume, to sell their sneakers. The Yeezy 350s are the most popular sneakers from Kanye’s brand and are considered to be the most traded of them all.

Many Yeezys can be found on resale platforms, like StockX, for a close-to-retail price – but it depends on the size. The brand is looking into increasing its rankings by sustaining volume and still making billions of dollars in revenue. Following brands like Nike, Jordan, and Adidas, they’ll be relying on tentpole models, which will continue to bring the limited hyped-up releases.

While they’ll be releasing more Yeezy 350 sneakers, they’ll limit other areas and create the hype there, like with Yeezy slides. The sales for Yeezy slides grew about 400% in 2020.